New Bronx Bookstore Makes Headlines

The Bronx is a borough in New York known for it's close connection to music, dance, film, and literature. To many, this hub for culture is not only a place of inspiration but a home. When the only Barnes & Noble store location in the area announced that it would be be closing its doors, Bronx native, Noelle Santos decided to do something about it. She looked into how to open a bookstore and became an entreprenuer almost overnight. Her life long love for books and the Bronx served as the fuel she needed to reach her goal of bringing literature back to the community. Noelle's store is called The Lit Bar. "A bar you say?!?" Yes! Noelle has incorporated a wine bar into the store as well. This location may be geared towards an older audience but with the Kiddie Lit'r programs, children will also be able to participate in what the store has to offer. 

Although the store  is not open just yet, it is coming very soon. Barnes & Noble closed its doors in December of last year but since then, Noelle has been on the move to get funding for The Lit Bar. The store won the NYPL & Citi Foundation's NYStartUp Business Plan Competition and they have also received many donations. Their Indiegogo Campaign has raised $149,416 so far and it is still growing.  Noelle is determined to bring back what is missing from the Bronx and the community is behind her one hundred percent. While The Lit Bar is only a pop up now, Noelle plans to have the full store opened by the end of this year. Donations are enouraged and more on the story can be found here.