Net Neutrality Is About To Die

On December 14, the FCC is going to vote on the repeal of Net Neutrality.  

Net Neutrality is a big issue that many people don't even know about, but it affects anyone who uses the internet.  Currently, the government regulates how internet companies, like Comcast, provide internet.  The government makes sure that no company can make specific websites easier or faster to use than others.  For example, without Net Neutrality, if Netflix paid Comcast money, Comcast could slow down or even almost shut down any other video streaming websites.  Net Neutrality protects people using the internet and smaller companies who can't afford to pay the internet providers.  

Net Neutrality has come under attack before, but through massive petitions, those efforts were stopped.  Unfortunately, it is being attacked again.  President Trump has asked the Republican majority FCC to stop Net Neutrality.  He claims that the government regulations limit the growth of the companies and don't give people the chance to pick their internet provider.  These claims just aren't true.  Net Neutrality protects the growth of smaller companies and websites by giving them an equal chance against already huge websites.  Also, repealing Net Neutrality would give the average American less choice because a large part of the United States only offer one or two types of internet providers. 

Because the FCC is mostly Republican, the repeal is supposed to pass, but if you disagree with this repeal there are steps you can take.  You can call your local congress men and women and express your concern.  You can also call the FCC.  This issue affects everyone, so don't be afraid to voice your opinion.  

If you want to learn more about Net Neutrality, here are a few videos that explain it and explain what you can do.  

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