My Worst Roommate Experience

Everyone has had at least one bad roommate experience in their time at college, and I am no different. As I am well into my senior year of college now, I have been reflecting a lot on the previous three years of my life (especially because I decided to live by myself this year). This reflecting always leads me back to my freshman year, when I was set to live with three other girls I had never met. Although I did meet my best friend out of the arrangement, I also met two girls who I would ultimately hate by the end of the first semester; however, one was definitely took the cake for the worst roommate I'd ever have. I could go through everything that had happened that school year, but I will stick to a few stories that I tell everyone when they ask about roommate horror stories.

Within the first month of the living arrangement, I figured out that her boyfriend would be like the fifth roommate in the apartment. This might not have bothered me so much if I hadn't shared a bathroom with this girl, and therefore, her boyfriend. There was one occurrence when I threw away a shampoo and conditioner bottle, as they were essentially empty. The next day they were sitting in the shower. She had taken out the shampoo and conditioner out of the trash, used them, and placed them in shower for further use. As if that didn't sicken me enough, I had replaced my razor in the shower caddy after my previous one had grew dull. The next day when I went to use my razor, it had hair all through it, and the only one who had showered was her boyfriend. 

That had all happened within a month of living there. Half through the fall semester, she infested our whole apartment with fruit flies. She left a fruit smoothie sit out for the whole weekend. She refused to pay for the supplies to get rid of the infestation or for a new trashcan, which was typical for her. She did not pay for anything unless she absolutely needed to, and even then, it was a gamble. She tried to confront me about not letting her use the toilet paper that I paid for, when both her and her boyfriend did not offer to once pay for it.

I could go into how her and her boyfriend would sing songs from musicals at midnight, or how every time she came home there was an putrid odor that she would omit, but those seem almost irrelevant in comparison to what she did at the end of the semester. One night, she came home screaming at around three in the morning, and when I woke up, I heard her puking. I went to the bathroom and realized that the trashcan that I had bought for the bathroom was missing, and I could tell where it's location was. She spent almost the whole day hurling into my trashcan, and three days later, the trashcan was back in the bathroom with no bag in it. I immediately threw the trashcan away and counted down the days until I would never have to see her face again.

There are plenty of other things that happened that year with her and her boyfriend, but those are essentially the greatest hits. Hope you enjoyed!

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