To My Guy Best Friend

Moving away from home, and into a college dorm was not something that was ever meant to be easy. You have no idea who anyone is. You have maybe one friend if you consider your roommate someone “decent” enough to be friends with. You’re scared that no one will ever like you enough to consider you a friend. So when your parents leave you after unpacking an enormous amount of belongings, what is next? The next day you usually have student orientation. You wake up super early. You are miserable. You look like the biggest piece of trash since you had just rolled out of bed. BUT you go any ways, because it is the only way you’ll ever make friends. BUT did you ever think you’d meet your best friend that day? And to make it even more unusual, it was a boy? This is the story of me and you. No one really remembers how it happened but it did. The second day of school I found you. I found my best friend that I still have to this day. The following days you would hangout with me and it made me forget how much I missed home. You were a little piece of home at school. You reminded me of all my friends back at home. You talked like everyone at home. You were just everything to me, and here is my thank you.

THANK YOU. Thank you for spending countless nights in my room while I complain about anything and everything. Thank you for listening to me when no one else ever would. Thank you for eating all my snacks in one sitting. Thank you for telling me to reach my goals whenever I just want to give up. Thank you for letting no one talk badly about me, it means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for listening to me say “I hate nursing” five hundred times a day and not getting mad. Instead you encourage me to keep going. Thank you for snapchatting me for over 365 days and never letting the conversation die. Not once have we ever told each other goodnight because that would mean we would have to stop talking. When I say I want to quit you never let me. When I want to cry, you're my shoulder to cry on. When I ask to take pictures you never say no. You always make sure we get the cutest one and that YOU look good in it. I am thankful that whenever I tell you that we are fighting and that I am mad at you, that you don’t let us fight. You always tell me to shut up and get over it. Thank you for the 3 a.m. conversations whenever I need them, and whenever you need them. I feel as if though that is how we became so close in such a short amount of time. I love how I can tell you when you’re being stupid and you can do the same for me. I love how we always talk shit on girls as if you were one as well (no offense you kinda are). There are so many other times and there will be so many more that I am thankful for you. 

Unfortunately, I don’t get to see you everyday anymore. Plans don’t always happen and sometimes things don’t work out.  I can’t wait for you to be back at school so I can annoy you even more with all of my stuff. If it wasn’t for this school, new student orientation, and me being obnoxious, I would have never of met you. If I wouldn’t have met you I would have no idea where I would be. I might have only met you a little over a year ago, but that doesn’t make a difference. You will forever be a part of me. You are family. Just remember when you feel as if no one cares or needs you, I need you. Always.


To my rock,


Your girl best friend