My Favorite Musician(s)

Music has been a very important part of my life for as long as I can remember, although I myself am not musically talented. It has served a source of happiness for both good and bad days, and that is why I have decided to write about two musicians, rather lead singers, that are some of my favorites. Both musicians were prominent in the "grunge" movement of the early nineties within their respective bands, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. 

I will start off with Eddie Vedder, who is best known for being the lead singer of Pearl Jam. He was born on December 23, 1964 in Evanston, Illinois. Pearl Jam was formed in 1990 and was originally named Mookie Blaylock, after the basketball player. However, when they were signed to Epic Records in 1991, they were forced to change their name to Pearl Jam. They would name their debut album, Ten, after Blaylock's jersey number though. Some of my personal favorite songs off that album include "Jeremy," "Black," and "Oceans." Without going into too much more detail, Eddie Vedder has a personal place in my heart. His unique vocals and likable personality are some of the few things that make him one of my favorites.

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Because I am the most indecisive person ever, I actually choose another musician that I enjoy very much. Layne Staley is best known for being the vocalist for Alice in Chains. He was born on August 22, 1967 in Kirkland, Washington. Alice in Chains officially formed in 1987, although they went through several names, and were signed to Colombia in 1989. They released their debut album, Facelift, on August 21, 1990. Although that album was amazing, my favorite album of theirs was their second, Dirt. My favorite songs off that album include "Rooster," "Down in a Hole," and "Would?" Much like Vedder, Staley has a unique voice that set him apart from the other "grunge" vocalists. Sadly, Staley passed away on April 5, 2002 due to an overdose.

photo credits:, Billboard, and CBS Seattle