I'm Graduating and it makes me want to vomit

I am graduating this semester. Every time that I hear that simple fact my heart quickens and I feel like I may vomit. I am beyond excited to start a new life outside of college. I want to be a true adult making it in the real world.

Too often do we hear these horror stories about how our college degrees mean nothing and we will continue with the dead end serving job we had to get through college. While it is true that some of our co-workers at these jobs do have a college degree, this career is not for me. We do not all have to follow in this negative mindset that our degrees mean nothing. They mean something. They mean everything! All those tears cried over exams and experiences in our 4 or more years here mean something.

It means that we could do what many cannot. Sure, learning a trade is hard work and very rewarding. Some of those people are making 6 figures while someone with a college degree is not. However, some with a college degree are making 6 figures while someone with a trade is not. It is all about perspective. People in trades go to school for about 2 years or less. College students minimum go for 4 years! That is not to mention people who transfer with some of their credits being left behind or graduate school or students who have to stay a little longer because of one crazy class. Graduating college means that we did something people do not have the patience, drive for knowledge, and fortitude to push through any challenges (Especially financial with how expensive college is.) to graduate and get our name on that piece of paper!

A kind soul told me recently one thing I will keep repeating to finish out the semester here: You do not have to know your entire future. You just have to know your next step. Even if that means your next step is moving back to your parents’ place. I personally do not know what my next step is (as of the moment that I am writing), but I do know that as soon as I shut this laptop I will start figuring it out. I have the drive back. The want to get out of here and make something of myself.

Ever remember repeating to yourself throughout college that you just have to get past this rough week and then it will be smooth sailing? But then, every week was the one you needed to get through for the smooth sailing. That