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Here is Your New Music Obsession

Every week there is a crazy obsession, a new craze, or a new viral challenge. Some of them are pretty neat to watch, who doesn’t remember that one crazy cinnamon challenge? The one hundred layer makeup challenge? When we were obsessed with coning, owling, and planking? When everyone on your news feed was sharing cat videos- well they still are probably. When everyone had the latest memes and funny photos! Well, my friends, I have found the latest obsession for the internet: adorable hedgehogs with song lyrics!

Hedgehogs, AKA the most adorable animal to ever been seen in the whole universe, are now the stars of the internet on Twitter thanks to the channel @hedgehoglyrics! Before we get into the adorableness that is their page, let’s talk about how it started. The page started back in August of 2015, they had no idea how big they would become!

The page is ran by two girls; one who lives in California and the other who lives in Pennsylvania, neither of them own hedgehogs though, and for very good reasons. California and Pennsylvania are two of the six states in the United States that have hedgehogs banned for pets. It’s more than just states, several other districts throughout the country also have hedgehogs banned as pets, one of which is New York City. Instead, the two girls ask online for photos of other people’s adorable hedgehogs, they receive the photo rights, and then make their magic. The duo started the page because they loved hedgehogs and wanted to share their cuteness to the world.

They take requests for their songs from all over the world, as their followers are from everywhere in the world. Currently their page has 17,400 followers, more than I know I will ever get! From there, their followers send in photos of their hedgehogs and they pick out the photos they like to add to their page when it is appropriate with their song lyrics.

The songs can range from things like the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, to songs from artists like 5 Seconds of Summer. Each post has hundreds of likes from fans everywhere and just as many retweets! Personally, it is one of my favorite reasons to even get on Twitter anymore! These hedgehogs are just too adorable! The girls have been keeping up with the page for many reasons, but the page owner who I spoke with said one of their main reasons is that so many people tell them how happy the Tweets make them. It’s more than that though, they have a different motivation too, they have had some of their favorite artists retweeting them as well! To name of few famous people who follow or have retweeted them are: @maxgschneider, @doddleoddle, @gnash, and @wethekings. So they are bringing joy to celebrities even!

Go join the hedgehog share trend! Here is the link to their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/HEDGEHOGLYRICS. Go follow and share the cuteness, because let’s be honest, we all need a little cute after we see nothing but political posts! I would love to make a huge shout out to @hedgehoglyrics for giving me the copy right to their images to share with all of you!

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