Is the Earth Flat?

While I admit that I have not done enough research to thoroughly examine the theory that is Flat Earth Theory, I do want to talk about how and why a majority of people think that it is completely ludicrous. I am currently taking a public speaking course and our most recent speeches were informative. A very intelligent and energetic friend of mine decided to do her informative speech on Flat Earth Theory. She is a Flat Earth-er.

I would like to raise her points and explain why she has not convinced me that they Earth is flat. Though I may not believe, others do and that is perfectly fine. It is up to everyone to make their own informed decisions. Granted I did not further my research beyond her speech because I closed my mind off to the idea by the end of her speech, but for those of you with an open mind, I highly suggest you delve into it if you so choose. Things are not always what they seem and I completely support everyone having the opportunities to have their voices heard and opinions validated.

First, she mentioned how there are multiple pictures of the Earth and that they are all showing a different face of the Earth. I would like to note that, based off of the information given to us over our school years, the Earth rotates. The pictures taken by satellites will not always show the same face of the Earth because there are multiple faces of the Earth. It is round. The pictures may be doctored to enhance colors showing a greener Earth. However, that is what scientists do to almost every photo of any of the planets that they take pictures of. They enhance the coloring to give a better view or to show the atmosphere how it physically is.

She made the argument based off NASA being a word in another language for “to deceive in plain sight.” I would like to note that NASA is not the only space program out there. There are many countries around the world that have come to many of the same conclusions that NASA has come across. On top of that, NASA is an acronym. Maybe it is simply coincidence that the acronym is similar to the foreign word.

Another big thing that she mentioned is a dome shaped object mentioned in the Bible. She noted that the reason we do no accept that the Earth is flat with a dome over top is because it was written in the Bible and we do not mix Religion and Government. I would like to bring in the other countries argument again. Other countries allow for the mix of the two, yet do not claim the Earth is flat. There are many interpretations of the Bible on top of that. How can one excerpt be proof that the Earth is flat?

People must believe it for a reason. The arguments have valid points to get you to start thinking. A majority of people are willing to believe this because we have been deceived by “facts” before. Science is not always perfect. There have been governments in ancient times and medieval times that claim the Sun revolves around the Earth or that Gods carry the Sun in a chariot across the sky. These may seem insane to us today, but to Flat Earth-ers, the theory about Earth being a sphere is just as insane as the people who tried to disprove the Sun revolving around the Earth.

All in all, we women are educated and free-thinking beings. We should support each other in our ideas and education. If this classmate/friend finds definitive proof to convince me that this theory is accurate, then I will fully believe her. For now, I do not. We should encourage women to be curious. I encourage anyone to make their own informed decision on this topic. Or any topic. Keep an open mind and always learn.