Decorating 101: Fall Edition

It’s that time of the year again, when we can go all out, and make our space cozy and warm. Whether it’s adding touches of colorful leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows or plaid accents. My favorite fall décor is adding touches of pumpkins, sunflowers, candles, blankets, and fall “welcome” signs all throughout my own space. But, do you need help? For more ways to spice up your home this fall season, keep reading!

  1. Pumpkins: Whether their real or faux, orange, white, blush, black, or gold they are sure to make your space instantly feel like fall. 
  2. Fall Flower Arrangement: This is one of the easiest ways to spice up your space this Fall. Start by either going to your local dollar store, grocery store, or even your backyard and gather your favorite fall colored flowers and arrange them in any vase, or even a faux pumpkin. Either way, it will be sure to warm up your space. 
  3.  Candles: Another way to warm up your space this season is add any candle to your space. Whether it’s your favorite candle from Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, or DIY candles (look at the one below!) it will be sure to spice up your home! 
  4. Banners: These are a cute, easy ways to decorate your fireplace or home. You can find some that say “Happy Fall”, “Happy Halloween”, or “Thankful” or simply just little pumpkins, spiders, or candy corn. 
  5. Faux-liage: This is a great décor item to add to your collect, that you can find almost at any store. Just accent some fall foliage around your home, and BOO(M)! you have instant look of fall! 
  6. Plaid: 2018 is the year for plaid accents during the fall season. Whether it’s different shades of plaid pillows, blankets, or even pumpkins, it instantly adds warmth to your space! 
  7. Add Layers: This is the season to start bundling up on those chilly, crisp nights, and what better way to do that then by adding layers? What do I mean by that? I mean accent your furniture with different blankets, with pillows. It will instantly make your space more welcoming and cozy! 
  8. Natural Elements: Whether it’s sprigs of branches, or pinecones, it instantly brings the beauty of Fall into your home. Try adding them into your flower arrangements, or even simply into a bucket with a burlap bow. 
  9. Signs: A great way to accent your walls is by adding little touches of signs with sayings such as “welcome”, “thankful”, “grateful”, etc to your collection of decorations. 
  10. Wreaths: Nothing is complete without a wreath inside or outside your doorway. And, what better way to do it, then styling it for the Fall season! Make your own or buy one at your local store! Or if you're lucky like myself, you have a talented mother who can make you a fantastic Fall wreath! 

There are so many ways to decorate your space that is both a festive, yet beautiful for the Fall. Whether it’s adding pumpkins, faux-foliage, or a different popular themes for this season. But, remember, when decorating, it’s best to get the most out of your money and find different things that will carry on beyond Halloween. I hope you are falling in love with these ideas as I am!