Dear Mr. Trump

I AM against you.

I AM against your beliefs.


When I first heard you were running for President I did not believe it at all. I had no idea what was to come. My sister and I used to joke about what would happen if you “actually” became president of the United States. I really am still convinced you fixed the votes. I am still convinced you have no heart. I am not sure how you won the state of Pennsylvania. I am not sure who would vote for someone like you. I still am at a loss for words when people ask me how I feel about you.

You make fun of women. You make fun of the mentally challenged. You wanted to “Make America Great Again.” You want to deport all illegal immigrants back to where they came from. You want Planned Parenthood gone. You want to “build that wall.” You think abortion is not needed. You do not support gay rights. You make fun of women’s rights; ALL ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! Again, how did you become president? Who would vote for someone like you?

You and me, or me and you, come from different backgrounds. I believe in women’s rights. You believe that men come before women. I believe that a woman has every right to her body. Whatever she wants to do to it is her choice. You should have NO say in it. I believe this because you are not a woman and have no idea what we go through.



I believe in gay rights. Love who you want to love. Love what you want to love. Their love does NOT concern you. “They” are humans. “They” are important. “They” are a part of this country just as much as you are. Their marriage is just as important as if it was between a man and a woman. How would you feel if someone told you that you could not love your wife? You would throw a fit.

You believe that the wall should be built. I do not believe this so called “wall” needs to be built. It will not be built. You did this to keep the Mexicans out, but now want them to pay for the wall? You have no idea what you are doing. You claim that they're stealing all of American jobs away but when Obama was president, the unemployment rate was at an all time low. Americans have job opportunities, they just need to go and look for them.


You promised to put a stop to all opioids in America. You promised to help apply resources to stop the inflow of the opioids. Here we are though, months into your presidency and nothing has been said about it. Every minute of every day an American citizen is either being affected by the loss of a loved one from the drug or being affected from the drug inside of their body.

You said that Obamacare needs to be put to an end. What about all of the people already on it? Are you going to allow them to suffer? What are your plans in place of it? You tried to get a bill passed just a few weeks ago and it could not even make it past congress because they were afraid it would fail. What now, Mr. Trump?

After all is said and done you are still the President of the United States. I understand that. You will be for hopefully only the next four years. Understand that your views are not the only correct ones. Everyone is different and that is okay.

As M. K. Gandhi once said, “No two leaves are alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches on which they grow.”


NOT a Trump Supporter