Confessions from a Babysitter That's Back to School

So I am going to start off saying, I have three beautiful children. One of the things that makes them so beautiful is most definitely the fact that they aren't my own spawn. They are three, five and seven and I will admit they are my favorite people in the entire world. I spent everyday of the winter break with them and we managed to do it all; we went to the museum, the American Girl store, swimming, running errands, cooking, shopping and everything else under the sun. I was a soccer, preschool, dance and actress's mom all at once. I was that one in the pick up line who listened to rap music and whose children knew the Fall Out Boy and Macklemore lyrics. I was the mom who asked the school "the hell?" when something didn't make sense. I will say it may only be the first week back to school, but life is slightly differently now that the kids aren't here. 

1.) I have gone to rearrange the car seats three times this week and it's only Thursday.

Yeah, this started Sunday when I went to rearrange my back seat to move in on Sunday. I said “let me get the car seats,” every time someone has gone to enter my backseat as well. It’s just a habit.

2.) I pulled out a 5T shirt to work out in on Monday.

I have no idea where a “school shirt” came from, but Monday I grabbed it to run in. I feel guilty I have it, it’s a super cute shirt.

3.) I yelled to tell Grace (who is seven) to move her butt so we could get to school.

I don’t even know where to start with this. I have done it twice so far and I am two hours from home. Also, I have been doing it at roughly six in the morning, an hour and a half before I even take her to school.

4.) I haven’t stopped saying “sweetheart”, “sweetie”, “love bug” or “honey” yet.

Sorry to everyone I know that has been called every pet name this week.

5.) Tuesday I went to drive to dance class.

Once again, two hours from home. It would have been quite the trip.

6.) I keep having anxiety when it is 2:30 P.M. and I am still in class.

I’m legit worried how late I will be to pick up Grace from school, then I remember.

7.) I was late to class today because I was watching children’s TV.

So, my class doesn’t start until eleven today and I was almost late. I typically arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, I walked in a minute before. I said that “oh I ran over doing my makeup” and other lies. I was watching Zoboomafoo on Amazon and singing the theme song when I realized what time it was. I had been dressed and ready for over an hour.

8.) I keep asking the empty space by the elliptical at the gym: “Sweetie, do you need anything or do you want a drink before I go to the bike?”

I was taking Natalie, who is five, to the gym with me in the mornings. Apparently it hasn’t clicked that she isn’t here yet.

9.) I asked someone to stop swearing because of “little ears.”

I swear like a sailor, but around children I turn into a “what the cheese nips” and “oh fishies” swearer. The people around me just stared at me until I felt stupid.

10.) I used the phrase “little guy” to a grown adult man.

The youngest is three, but I call him “little guy” or “little man.” Someone made a comment about how they weren’t feeling well and I responded without looking “what’s up little guy?” Definitely a foot-in-mouth moment.

11.) I miss them more than anything right now.

I hang out with their mom almost everyday and she affectionately received the name “mama” from me as well, so it isn’t just the children it’s the whole family. I long to see them so we can all watch TV or read together. I see them Friday, but still it feels to0 damn long. At least I will have car seats again so I won’t feel so weird.