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Clarion’s Survival Kit Favorites

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clarion chapter.

When Clarion received their survival kit, we all about fell out of our chairs. What amazing sponsors we have this semester, and amazing products to show for. Our giveaways have been a huge hit on campus so far, this semester. Since we use majority of our kits for our social media giveaways, everyone in our chapter only got select items. These are the favorites that everyone agreed were great products given this year!

1.      Hi-Chew

None of us have ever seen or heard of these candies before. I brought them to our formal meeting the day we got the box, and we all opened the bags and tried them together. They have the most unique texture I’ve ever felt for candy, but they actually taste great! They come in strawberry, grape, green apple, and mango.


2.      Steripod

We received this last semester as well, and they were a huge hit with my team. These are the most perfect travel toothbrush protectors I’ve ever seen. I even currently have it over my toothbrush in my bathroom right now!



3.      Freeman Face Masks

First of all, we got three different kinds; cucumber and pink salt clay mask, charcoal and black sugar gel mask and scrub, and the deep clearing manuka honey and tea tree oil clay mask and cleanser.


We also received numerous different hair care products from Bedhead, tanning products from Loreal, Erin Condren planner books, accessories from Aeropostale, and two different flavored cases of Spindrift sparkling water! We got the goods this semester, and we love sharing it with our other Clarion students on campus!

Senior @ Clarion, studying Communications & Journalism. I sing in my school's A Cappella group, I play the ukulele and I love Her Campus with my whole heart.