Clarion Alumni Caraline Elias takes the Stage

When I think of importance of an alumni of Clarion University, I can only think of one person. A person who has helped me change the world for the better in any way they can, I think of the person who has become my second mother: Caraline Elias. She is an amazing alumni of Clarion University: she is the Founder and National Director of Personality Pageants, an amazing mother, and an amazing person all around.

Elias started at Clarion University in 2003 after graduating high school. Her major was Rehabilitive Sciences and she graduated in 2007. In 2011, she opened her first business that still is open today: Kitten Kabooses ( First off by making bows and tutus, now she sells custom t-shirts. She worked in therapy until 2014 before making a personal choice to staying with her children at home. All throughout these choices, she worked with Personality Pageants.

Personality Pageants started in 2012, with a goal to help change the world. Caraline had dreams of helping a local animal shelter in DuBois, PA; never did she think the system would inspire so many to change the world. Since its debut, the organization has donated over $10,000 a year for animal shelters across the United States. Unlike most organizations, she has not made one cent herself since the pageant organization started, giving all her proceeds to the shelter she is helping. Clarion University alumni can help change a society or group of people, where Caraline has changed it even more.

It’s no longer just in Western Pennsylvania where her impact can be seen. Title holders are all over the United States allowing her mission to travel, help others, serve others to make a change and to give all you can to your community. Caraline has been able to help promote women and girls in body image, self-confidence, and a greater sense of community. Her organization is a no-hate place as she protects all from mean comments that are unnecessary. Personality Pageants can be found on the Pageant Planet ( with all five star reviews, showing that competition is more than beauty standards, Caraline has embraced that 100%. Yearly, she puts in countless hours to make sure the organization stays afloat. She makes sure donations are made, and that there are many platforms girls can stand for.

To me, Caraline is more than a pageant director, she is my own personal mentor and my second mom. I can call her whenever I need her and I know I will always have a shoulder to cry on if I need it. She even took place of my mom for my high school senior night. As a Clarion University student I hope in my alumni status at one point in my life I can be as successful, caring, and beautiful inside and out as she is. Here is to many more years of laughter and happiness. Never lose your weirdness because without it, I would be at a loss. Stay weird and stay happy.