Birth Control Pills Saved my Life

It took me until the summer before my senior year of COLLEGE, to finally get on the pill. Birth control saved my life, literally.


I wish I would’ve known how much it would greatly impact my cycle back in high school. Because of the severity of my periods, I would miss so much school. My mom would have to leave work and pick me up from school early on some days when I just couldn’t bear to sit in my seat anymore. I would wear a heating pad on my stomach for hours and hours, and still be able to feel my cramps. I could not swallow pills (I had a fear and would choke on them), so I was really screwed.


Finally, I realized that missing class in college, was much worse than missing class in high school. It had to stop, and I had to get a handle on it. I started the pill, and it was such a relief. No more crying, no more uncontrollable bleeding and no more fainting. Yes, my period would actually make me faint. I would also get nasty hot flashes throughout the day, and even worse at night while trying to get sleep. I finally was not afraid to get my period every month.


The pill has taken me from having a full-blown 7 to 8-day cycle, to a 4-day cycle with little to no bleeding, and only a day of some mild cramping. I can handle that just fine. Anything is better than what I was having.  


Maybe the pill isn’t for you, and that is fine. There are so many forms of birth control, the best thing to do is to ask your doctor which method they think would be best in your case. Or, even ask your friends their experiences and decide for yourself. Just remember that everyone’s body is different, so you may have to try a few. The pill was best for me so I could escape the hell I was living every month.