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Being A Strong Woman

Being a girl boss is empowering. It’s taking control of your own life and showing the world who you are. It contributes how strong you are. Everyone always wonders what makes a woman strong? People have all different views on the answer to that question.

I believe that a strong woman faces her fears. Everyone has fears but a strong woman will look them in the eye and conquer them. She isn’t afraid of the world and what it throws at her, she just smiles and goes on. She is confident in her own skin and is confident in everything she does. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and doesn’t care what others think. A strong woman can turn her failures and disappointments into positive learning experiences. She doesn’t let her weaknesses bring her down. She doesn’t let pain change her and pull her down.  And she is just an all round amazing woman.

That’s what I think a strong woman is.


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Krystin Petro

Clarion '20

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