Beauty Subscription Boxes: Treasure Chest or Garbage Can

A beauty subscription box is similar to a magazine or book subscription. You sign up for service, and once a month a box of beauty “goodies” shows up at your door. Just like any other subscription, there are options to customize your box. If you want mostly hair products, or all organic products, or anything, you can pick which box you want to receive each month. Most boxes range from $10 - $40 a month, but they claim to have a much higher actual value. Depending on the box, you can usually get 3-10 samples items each month.  

I wanted to test these beauty boxes for myself. After some research and the recommendation of a friend, I subscribed to Birchbox for 6 months at the price $10 a month. Here are my best and worst products:




Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Retail Price: $22

This hair product literally changed my life. After I used all the sample, I immediately went out and bought the full size. I have naturally very oily hair so this product was a real game changer. It has allowed me to start washing my hair less frequently which ultimately will make my hair stronger and sleeker.  



Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky Eye Shadow

Retail Price: $19

These shimmery shades are beautiful for an easy casual look and can be bumped up to a more intense nighttime look. They are so pigmented and have lasted a very long time for me. The lighter shade can even be used as a highlighter if you are feeling adventurous.  




The Beauty Crop Fabulous Flocking Lashes

Retail Price:  $8

This mascara started off great. It came as a full sample so I was crazy excited to try it. It did not make my lashes sky high like I thought it might, but it did its job. The problem was taking it off at the end of the day. I tried everything to get this mascara off but nothing worked. Eventually, I gave up and slept with it on, (I know, huge mistake). I woke up the next morning with no mascara and also barely any lashes! It had stolen half my lashes from me in the middle of the night.  A definite no from me.  


Skin Products:

Supergoop City Sunscreen

Retail Price: $42

Most of the skin products that Birchbox send are great, but one type of product has failed every time… sunscreen. None of the sunscreens worked well at all with Supergoop’s being the worst offender. With no makeup on it was not too bad, just a bit oily. As soon as I tried to add makeup on top, all hell broke loose. Nothing was laying flat on my skin. My concealer broke apart and my highlighter looked dull and gross. It is definitely not worth the $42 price tag.  


Overall, I enjoyed my beauty box subscription. It was so much fun to open it each month and see what was inside. I still use some of the products everyday, and I recommend everyone try it at least for a month.  Treat yourself!