Actually, The World DOES Revolve Around Me

We have all heard it before. You are in a fight with someone (usually your mom), defending your point (because you’re always right, obviously) and all of a sudden you hear those seven words being shouted at you: “The world does not revolve around you!”


As I have grown up I have become addicted to reading articles with titles like, “20 things you learn in your 20s.” Like most college students, I have no idea where I’m going to be a year from now, let alone two years from now when I graduate. The ideal outlook is getting a job right out of college relating to your major, but I am slowly learning it does not always work that way.

Even though I am only 20, I have gone through a lot in my lifetime and I have learned numerous life lessons. By going off of these life lessons and reading about what I should have learned by my age I have come to the conclusion that the world does revolve around me (or at least the world as I see it revolves around me).


On a broader scale, if you look at yourself and the world, you are the center of it. Wherever you are, the world is still revolving. Hence, the world is revolving around you. Everyone is always so concerned in trying to please everyone else and make them happy. Yes, that can make you feel better, but if you are constantly putting others in front of yourself you are not going to have anytime for yourself which will wear you out. This is why I have decided to put myself first. Most people would consider this being self-conceited, but I believe it is just putting an emphasis on my mental and physical heath. This is not saying that you should not help others, but first take into consideration how it will make you feel afterwards.