8 Places on my Travel Bucket-List

Graduation is in 31 days; Meaning, I will be free in 31 days!

I may not have a job lined up (working on it), but once I do, I have major travel plans. My sister and I are both graduating, but she’s graduating from PA school. She is the first person I want to take a trip with, since we are pretty close now that we’re older and just a little more mature (lol).

There are so many places I want to go, but I know if I plan any big trips it will most likely have to be one a year, if that. Not only are they costly, but if you’re planning on going out of the country it takes a lot of planning and steps to do so. My current bucket list of where I want to go is:

1.      Cancun

I feel like everyone and their grandmother has been here but me. Any beach is fine with me but if I can see through the water, sign me up.

2.      Australia

A few weeks ago, I got the most random message on Facebook from a guy asking me to sing at his restaurant. Well, he was from Aussi and I had to let him down saying sorry I’m in America this is impossible now. So, when I get there, I must go to his restaurant to sing and check out his food.

3.      Amsterdam

For no reason other than it always looks beautiful and romantic in movies so why the hell not.

4.      Tennessee

My friend goes to school at UT and it just looks beautiful, seems like it has a lot to do there and could keep me occupied easily.

5.      California

I want to see what Cali boys are like, honestly.

6.      Boston

My dream job is here, and I’ve never been there yet so I naturally want to do all the tourist type things that there is to do there.

7.      Canada

Also, somewhere that everyone has gone to except for me!


Can’t wait to get employed and have money so I can visit all these places!