5 Types of Valentine’s Day Dates

No matter how you want to spend your Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with that special someone or with some close friends, you should make sure that you spend the day with people who make you feel special and do things that make you happy.  

If you are not sure what you want to do yet, here are a few ideas!


1. A Perky Brunch

What is the only thing better than sleeping in with your significant other?  Waking up to go to an amazing breakfast or brunch with them!  Good food with the person you care about is a great way to start any day,  but especially Valentine’s Day!  If you don’t want to leave the house, just make your own breakfast together.  You can even make cute heart shaped pancakes or waffles!  


2. A Classy Dinner

If you’re into traditional romance, a nice evening at a classy restaurant might be perfect for you.  Who doesn’t love getting dressed up to go out?  Treat yourself and your significant other to something special!  Get that extra dessert you usually skip because its too expensive!  After all, Valentine’s Day only happens once a year!  You deserve to have a memorable, fantastic evening.


3. A Fun Night In

Maybe going out isn’t your thing. You can still have an amazing Valentine’s Day! Rent a movie, play some video games, order a pizza, and just relax.  When it comes to dates, who you are with matters more than where you go!  The greatest adventure is the one you are taking with your significant other.  And anyways, who doesn’t love a good “Netflix and Chill?”


4. The Adventure Date

If sitting at home or in a restaurant sounds boring, maybe going for an adventure with your significant other is the perfect date for you!  You can plan a small road trip together or go to some new exciting thing neither of you have seen.  Whether it’s rock climbing, sightseeing, or going out on the town, you are going to make memories that will last a lifetime.


5. The Galentine’s Date

Maybe you don’t have a significant other right now or maybe you guys just don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  No problem!  You can always spend the day instead with a group of your closest friends.  If you want to spend the night detoxing and relaxing, set up a spa for yourselves.  You can buy really cheap face masks and skin treatments at most stores.  If you want to have a more active night, spend the evening getting ready with your friends and then hit the town!  You’re sure to have a great time!