5 GIF's that Explain Finals Week for Seniors

I'm graduating from college in 9 days, with a real degree. I'm not sure how I am about to be allowed to go into the real world and be a real adult, and I'm really not sure how I'll manage it. But, before I do that, I still need to get through finals week next week. My stress is somewhat at an all-time-low I'd say. I only have to really study for one of them, so I'm pretty lucky in the finals department. However, everyone else around campus is probably hyperventilating as I'm typing this. So, here's some GIF's that explain finals week, from my perspective, and hopefully you'll laugh and calm down a little bit.

Here is what I tell myself after I hand in any test or paper worth a large amount of points: "It's done, so whatever I got is what I got, I can't change it." Do not beat yourself up over it, no matter the outcome. Tests are just tests, they don't prove anything at the end of the day. When you get out of school, they're not going to care what grade you got on your final. So chill out boo, and look at these GIF's... 

GIF's from GIPHY