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15 Things That “Friends” Taught Us About Our Friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clarion chapter.

1. Someone will always “be there for you”.

Throughout all of Ross’s divorces he always knew his friends would be there for him.

2. Your friends are really your family.

Sometimes they are the only family you have.

3. They’ll help you build your ideas.

Joey didn’t fashion the long poking device to poke ugly naked guy on his own…

4. Even though they are your best friends, they will always be the ones who make fun of you the most.

Could this BE any truer?

5. They give you a better understanding about yourself and always accept you.

Only your true best friends would buy all the dead Christmas trees for you, like Joey did for Phoebe.

6. Sometimes they’ll even boycott things that you don’t approve of…

Unless you’re Rachel, then you’ll buy from Pottery Barn anyway.

7. Your friends are your safe-place.

They all know that they can always go to Monica and Rachel’s apartment, until they lost their apartment in the bet against the guys…

8. You can always count on your friends to do your detective work.

Chandler knew he could count on Joey to check up on Monica when he thought she was cheating while Chandler was in Tulsa, even though she was “cheating” with Chandler.

9. They’ll always accept you for you.

Everyone in the group knew that Chandler makes inappropriate jokes, Ross gets divorces, Joey makes impractical decisions, Monica is the neat freak, Phoebe is the down to earth one and Rachel is the spoiled one, but they all accepted each other in spite of those things.

10. There’s bound to be someone who has gone through the same experiences as you and they will be able to give you advice.

Joey was always there to give Ross and Chandler tips with the ladies… How you doin’?

11. They bring out your childish and competitive side.

There are countless competitions in “Friends”: Bamboozled, Phoebe-Ball, Fireball, racing the wind-up toys, Ross’s Jeopardy game, racing the chick and duck, Geller-ball/ The Geller Cup, Strip Happy Days Game, Poker and tons more.

12. You need your friends.

When Joey moves out Chandler realizes just how much he needed Joey.

13. They’ll always be there to take care of you and help you when you need it.

Ross might not have been great at doing Rachel’s makeup for her when she had a broken rib, but he tried.

14. Your friends will do anything to make it up to you when they made a mistake…

Even if it means climbing in a box all day without talking.

15. They will do anything with you in public, even if it makes them look like an idiot.

After a while, Rachel realized that it wasn’t so weird the way that Phoebe ran and she even started running the same weird way.

“Friends” has taught us about our true friends.  There are endless amount of lessons to be learned from “Friends”… You’ll never need a break from watching!






My name is Adrienne Crist and I am a junior psychology and art major at Clarion University. In the future, I aspire to be an Art Therapist to make a difference in the lives of many people.