12 Signs that you are A Nursing Major

No matter what major you belong to, it's going to be hard. Sometimes you'll even say yours is the hardest. I'm not here to say that being a nursing student is hard, but we are taught a different way of thinking. While all answers could be correct there is one that is the best answer out of all of the selections. I feel there is always ways to tell what major you belong to on a college campus. Some might be the same but I feel that these are the top twelve signs that you are a nursing student.

1. People come to you for medical advice.

Friend: I’ve had this ache in the back of my head. What do you think it is?

Nursing student: I'm only a student. Ask your mom. Go to a doctor.

2. Your roommate is used to hearing you request help.

You: Hey *insert roommates name here* Can I listen to your heart?

Roommate: Yes.

You: Hey *insert roommates name here* Can I listen to your lungs?

Roommate: I guess *groan*

You: Hey *insert roommates name here* Can I take your blood pressure?

Roommate: I’m in the living room.

You: Hey *insert roommates name here* Can I...

Roommate: I don't care what you have to do you have to find me first.

3.You drink coffee at any time of day.

Even at 3 AM.

4. Your textbooks look like this:

Because your teacher says to highlight everything that is important.

5. Your free time is non-existent

And you’re okay with that.

6. You either confuse or disgust your friends when you talk about what you learned in class that day.

Try not to discuss this at lunch. They normally learn not to ask what you are learning in class after the first few times.

7. You have hand sanitizer on you at all times.

If you can’t wash your hands with soap and water, than the solution is hand sanitizer.


8. Odd smells don’t bother you.

Smells that bother others don’t bother you anymore.

9. You love scrubs and wish you could wear them everyday.

Scrubs have so many pockets. You store so much stuff in the pockets, that sometimes you forget that things are even in there.

10. Your textbooks become your pillow.

A nursing student is constantly studying even if the exam is two weeks away. It’s a natural occurrence to be reading over your book in bed and doze off.

11. You make a weekly schedule that overwhelms your friends.

Everything is placed in the schedule even down to sleep, time to get ready, studying, and even naps.

12. You wouldn’t see yourself doing anything else.

Your dream has just started and you have a long way to go.