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10 Things I Learned As A College Freshman

1. No major is easy.

I mean it whether you are a Communications major or a Nursing major, there will be challenges.

2. You do NOT have to go to every college party

I promise you that if you miss one girl getting sloppy drunk or miss the fight that now everyone is talking about on campus, you will still live.

3. Everyone in the beginning will not be there by the end.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone will leave. I still have so many friends from the beginning. There will be someone who shows their real colors to you. Do not be affected by them. It is their loss.

4. Going to a smaller school does not mean you will not have fun.

    For my friends that go to bigger schools, I am sorry but I am still having just as much fun as you are at your Division I school.

5. The people in your major will be the only ones to understand you.

    There is not another person who understands my struggles right now other than my Nursing major friends. They are the only ones to ever cry with me over the same thing.

6. Go on the spontaneous adventures.

    The best trips always come from the most random times and places.

7. DO NOT bash your professors for your mistakes.

    Just because you failed that test, or you did not do the homework assignment that was due, does not mean you can blame them. Some of your peers may actually like this professor and all of the negative things being said about them can be a bit rude and or inconsiderate.

8. Join something on campus.

    Whether it be a sorority, fraternity, sport, or club, just try it out. You will meet so many new people that you may have never thought it was possible. 

9. Not everyone will like you.

    Embrace the ones who can’t stand you. They obviously hate something that you have that they don’t. Why not just smile and wave?

10. Show love and be proud of your school.

    Some days I say I completely hate this place, but others I know deep down there was a reason I picked it. I have already found some of my forever friends that I can not wait to move on in life with. No matter what I say or do, my heart will always love this school.

Hey all! My name is Megan and I am a freshman at Clarion University. I am studying nursing and absolutely love it. The reason I started writing is because it takes away a lot of pressure and stress from my life. I enjoy having times to myself where I can vent and speak my mind about things. What you will find out about me through my writing is that my life isn't ordinary. Something new and exciting is always happening and my writing will reflect that. Can't wait to see what you all think of my writing. Xoxo, Meg
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