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10 Reasons Living With Your Other Half is the Best

1.) You get to wake up with them every morning.

This sounds like a dream, does it not? The love of your life by your side when you wake up? Have you ever shared a bed? I will inform you that competition over blankets is fierce and I will always place my bet on myself because, hey let’s face it, I will cut you if you try to take my blanket.

2.) You get to wake up with them every morning and proceed to do your morning routine with them.

Have you ever shared a sink with somebody? I do it every morning, and I am pretty sure my significant other does not know he has his own tooth brush. Also, the idea of “sexy shower time” immediately goes out the window when you’re both fighting to get under the hot water in the morning. I mean, at least the fights are over this and get laughs out of both of us. Plus he knows every piece of my daily makeup kit because he sees it every day.

3.) You know their exact routine, down to a T.

This is awesome because you know exactly what they’re going to do and when they’re going to do it. On the down side, my significant other knows that every night for forty five minutes I wear retainers and sound beyond ridiculous.

4.) You sound married- to literally everyone.

“Did you grab the?” “yes.” “and the?” “yes.” “what about my?” “Yes I got it.” A conversation that is held daily between the two of us. He knows exactly what I forget and what time of day I need another water. At the same point, people from the outside just see the other side of married life typically. The “hey, I didn’t sleep last night because she/he was doing this/that” side of married life.


5.) You fight over room temperatures sometimes.

He likes it arctic cold in the room and I like it hotter than a desert. I think that explains itself.

6.) You get to have the weirdest inside jokes with one another.

We laugh hysterically at one another when we say these types of jokes. Unfortunately, other people just get snippets like “what’s fun about Hitler?” followed by a lot of giggling.

7.) You get to learn their deepest desires in life.

This is an amazing thing for couples to experience as they grow together. At the same point, my significant other gets to hear me go “oh my god he’s so hot. Why can’t I marry him?” over outlandish celebrities while my best friend is on the phone.

8.) You can start having weird conversations because, why not.

My significant other and I have discussed our top five celebrities, both male and female. He’s quiet fond of Liam Payne from my understanding. On the flip side of that, we have discussed in detail why a murderer went wrong.

9.) They can be heathenish traitors and watch episodes without you.

I am writing this because he just watched an episode of The Office without me, and I was screaming for a while saying he was a dirty cheater. Ron- I know you read my articles. You’re trash and I am still angry at you for this.


10.) Your relationship truly gets to flourish.

I adore every second I get to spend with my other half. I adore every moment we have together because typically being with him makes me laugh so hard I cry.

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