10 Places to Visit in America Before You Turn 35

Traveling is a blast, at least for me. I would love to visit all 50 states some day. I would go to see the main attraction. Everyone raves about their favorite places they have visited. I have a few on my list where I have visited and some that I have yet to visit. I'm hoping to get there someday soon. These places are either from my experience or a friend recommended them to me. Take a trip with me and just maybe you'll find a place that you'll truly want to visit.

10. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

More then 5 billon people visit that Grand Canyon each year. So with that many people it must be a sight to see. It's one of America's oldest National Parks. The Grand Canyon provides so many different expereinces such as, a Skywalk that is situated 4,000 feet above the floor of the canyon. One of the sights to see is pictured above, Horseshoe Bend. The Grand Canyon is also riddled with wildlife. So many different species can be seen in this natural spot. For those history buffs out there, current evidence from the 4,800 archelogical sights suggest that humans have inhabited the Grand Canyon nearly 4,000 years ago and have even passed through it 6,500 years ago.

9. Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

This is another sight to see, I mean who wouldn't want to see four of our greatest presidents carved into rock. This sculpture toook 400 sculptures to create this 60 foot high carving. This sight has so many different activities. You can take the Presidential trail to get up close with this amazing sculpture. The trail is only 0.6 miles long and you could even get a glimpse of some of its wildlife. You can also take an audio tour of the area and learn even more fun facts about the surroundig area. There are even some ranger led programs that people of all ages would enjoy. If you truly have enough time you could also visit the Black Hills that is in the area. 

8. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francsico, California

This bridge connects San Francsico to Marin County. It is cliamed to be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and I would have to agree. The Golden Gate Bridge is a 1.7-mile long suspension bridge that is built to withstand high winds and earthquakes. It's one of the most recognizable symbols of California.  I've been told that one of the greatest times to see it is when the fog is coming in and it just rests there and you can just see the top of the red pillars. Its a mysterious sight to see. Thousands of tourists visit each day to see this grand sight.

7. Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California

This is another iconic place to visit in California. This sign is a 50 foot flourescent white sign that has been around since 1923. You can't get close to it but seeing it from the different angles is truly something to be mesmerised by. You can view it from all kinds of places in Los Angeles such as; Hollywood and Highland, the Grifth Park Observatory, and many other different places.

6. Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine


This lighthouse was completed in 1971 and is one of the oldest lighthouse in the state of Maine. This lighthouse has such a rich history that when it was constructed it use to burn whale oil. Even today some of the original lighthouse still remains today. The lighthouse was raised 20 feet during the Civil War after some of the storm damage in the 1970s. Another reason to visit  the Protland Head Light is the view from out the lighthouse. The view out the tower will put you in front of a beautiful seashore that gives youa view in all different directions.

5. Sequoia National Park, Three Rivers, California


This national park has over 631 square miles to amazing land. It is also home to 5 of the 10 largest trees in the WORLD. Eighty-four percent of the land is only accessible by foot or horseback. Honestly I believe that's one of the best adventures. You can explore so much more by foot. If you really want to drive you can drive through a tree tunnel. This national park is a true wonder.

4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg, Tennessee


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to so much wildlife. A lot of people see bears crossing the roads. There is a lot of hiking to do in the area and if you don't want to do that than you can always go for a picnic with your family. There are so many overlooks to get out and take pictures at. Some could even make for a great christmas card, as long as everyone is getting along. Even just driving through you can see so much in the town of Gatlinburg.

3. Salem, Massachusetts


Salem, Massachusetts is rich with history. This is the town where the witch hunts started. You can visit the cemetery that dates all the way back to the 17th century. You can even take a guided tour of the land and learn more about the people who were a part of the Salem Witch Trials. You can visit the harbor and see a replica of the Friendship of Salem. This boat stands at 171 feet and is the largest wooden boat in new England.

2. Niagara Falls, New York

This amazing waterfall is actually one of the oldest state parks in the country. If you haven't visited yet, its a must. This trip is a trip for all ages. You can see it from either the New Yrok side or the Ontario side. Experiencing both is two totally different experiences though.  If you think that it's tough on budget it's not. It's definitely can be done in a day but if you want to stick around to see the night life I would highly suggest it.

1. Northern Lights, Alaska

I have seen so many pictures of the dancing lights. Expericing these beautiful colors of nature would truly be an eye opening experience. People go to see the lights in all different parts of the country but to see them in America would truly be spectacular.