Top 6 F/W 2014 Fragrances: Which One Comes Out Smelling Like a Rose?

I have to admit that I am a bit of a perfume freak. You can bet that in a room full of people I'll be the only one to notice who has a different smell from the usual, who is using a cheap cologne and who has a brand new trendy scent on the skin. Because even though I've been using the same fragrance for the last five years (I know, how boring...), I love to try the new ones as soon as they come out. Scents have the incredible power of arousing memories and are a deep personal expression of style. 

This season there is a great variety of genres that won't let anyone down. But in case you don't have time (or you simply don't want to be seen going around sniffing paper strips), I have selected exclusively for Her Campus City the best 6 fragrances of Autumn/Winter 2014. Which one is your type?

  • Classy: Knot by Bottega VenetaBottega Veneta's new fragrance is fresh, citrusy and slightly floral. Its captivating top notes of clementine, mandarin, lime, orange blossom and neroli are joined by a heart of flowers, with lavender rose and peony. One drop of Knot, and you are carried away to Sicily, walking in the middle of a citrus grove and the garden of an elegant Italian villa. This scent is an eternal classic, a delicate fragrance easy to wear that you will hardly get tired of. 
  • Romantic: Iris Tuberose by CreedPart of the new collection Acqua Originale by Creed, Iris Tuberose is a sheer and flowery fragrance that remembers of spring strolls in the park, of weddings, of mornings spent on the swing after the storm. A crispy galbanum, orange and violet leaf tone is followed by a warm touch of ylang-ylang, vanilla and lily. Iris Tuberose comes in an incredible vintage-inspired bottle produced in partnership with Pocht de Courval, luxury French glass manufacturer. This perfume is simple and not invasive, and sticks to the skin without becoming boring. A must for all those women who can't say no to a bit of romance everyday. 

  • Fiery: Furiosa by Fendi

    Furiosa is a jewel. Straight form the packaging - a beehive inspired bottle designed by Fendi girl Delfina Delettrez - to the bold, seducing amber scent. It has a heart of floral notes, covered by touches of Calabrian bergamot and polished by a base of amber and incense. Furiosa was launched with the slogan "The Essence of Wild Femininity", and it's no surprise that it means "furious" in Italian. Fendi's perfume is a daring, powerful essence that leaves a mark and cannot stay unnoticed. The perfect choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Feminine: Forever Vera by Vera WangForever Vera is a successful mixture of eternity and evanescence. Signed by perfumer Honorine Blanc, Forever Vera was inspired by timeless beauty. Its top notes incorporate white peach, coconut and Brazilian gardenia, joined by a heart of iris, lilac, rum and sandalwood. The result of this mix between classic and exotic elements is a warm and sensual scent that completely curses your mind. Vera Wang's last creation seems to be conceived for a 21st century princess... Or maybe for an undercover wicked witch. 
  • Minimal: Narciso by Narciso RodriguezNarciso Rodriguez's last scent seems to be the perfumery's translation of one of his dresses. It's a sultry mixture of gardenia, rose, musk, white cedars and vetiver. It's a simple yet exceptional fragrance which swings between the traditionally masculine vetiver to the sensual notes of rose. Wearable but addicting, this fragrance comes in a minimal matte-ivory bottle and will soon become a ever-lasting classic.

  • Playful: Harajuku Lovers - Pop Electric Love by Gwen StefaniEven though I am usually not a fan of celebrity's perfumes (and unsurprisingly they are slowly disappearing from the market too), with this last collection of five fragrances Gwen Stefani shows that Harajuku Lovers is much more than a marketing technique. Among the new luscious scents, the most mouthwatering is Love, a mix of apples, pears, musk and jasmine that brings you back to your childhood's summer games. As addicting as her song "Harajuku Girls", Love is not only aimed to a young audience, but to everyone who likes fresh and fruity smells. Dip your doll in an electric, molden shiny colour and the result will be the perfect toy for a fun, cheerful woman.