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Temptation of the Month: Try HomeBurger

Are you in the mood for a scrummy burger? If so, you can simply pick up the phone and order one. Yes, you read that right. With the new opening of Homeburger, a take-away store on Holloway Road in North London, you can have a burger delivered right to your doorstep where you can devour the delicious treat within the comfort of your own home.

I caught up with the owner of HomeBurger, David Corbineau who is extremely optimistic about the launch of his new business: “We’re really excited to bring burger delivery to North London. Delivering burgers is not easy, there’s a lot that can go wrong. However, we have developed cooking methods and specialized packaging that allows us to deliver perfectly cooked, gourmet burgers as if they have just come off the grill. We’ve already had a soft launch, and had great feedback from the locals. We just want to keep concentrating on our food and service and hopefully this will allow us to really succeedsmile emoticon.”

The take-away is not limited to just burgers – there are a whole range of other goods that are cooking in the HomeBurger kitchen. From mint chocolate chip pies to Marshmallow and chocolate pies, those with a sweet tooth are sure to be satisfied with the eye-catching, scrumptious goodies available in store.

I spoke to local resident, Sara Tavakoli, who has thoroughly enjoyed her dining experience with HomeBurger: “It’s the first place in London that has really got the concept of take-away gourmet burgers.Trendy, delicious and fast.”

Other locals have taken to Twitter to express how much they have enjoyed their HomeBurger experience, with comments like “Thanks for the great burgers tonight. Can’t wait to dig into the pie”, “absolutely banging, can’t recommend this enough!” and “I never thought proper burger delivery would work. Delighted to be proven wrong by HomeBurger. Holloway heroes!”

HomeBurger truly is a unique, new way of bringing gourmet food to the scene without it necessarily having to be within the parameters of a fancy sit-in diner. So what are you waiting for? If you live in North London, pick up the phone now to order yourself a juicy delight – and if not, you can always pop into the Holloway road branch for a food experience that will be one of a kind – there surely is no place like HomeBurger!

As of March 2015, Homeburger is ready for delivery and is now open for service at 169 Holloway Road, London N7 8LX. To place an order, call 0207 700 6008 or simply pop into the store. To keep up with HomeBurger’s updates, like their Facebook page (Homeburger) and follow them on twitter: @HomeBurger.


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