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Spring Has Finally Sprung: Our Favourite 7 Places to Go on a Sunny Day!

Apparently the most awaited guest has finally arrived in town: spring! If you think you are getting so used to the gloomy and rainy London weather that you don’t even know where to go to enjoy a sunny day in the City, our top seven will bring you the right inspiration.

  • Hyde Park:It’s a classic, I know, but there is no other place where you can walk for hours, rent a boat, or play with the geese and swans in the Serpentine. 
  • South Bank:Love skaters and books? Then this is the right place for you! You can enjoy a walk along the Thames while being enchanted by an ‘Ollie’ or a ‘KickFlip’. Plus, if you like reading you will probably spend endless time at the Book Market just ahead of the skate park. Wide range of choice and tiny prices.
  • Amorino: 41 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HFWhat’s better than handmade Italian ice cream? This tiny little ‘gelateria’ in the heart of Soho offers delicious ice cream in a lovely shape: choose as many flavours as you want and all together they will form a flower. On the cone. No jokes. 
  • Notting Hill:You don’t need to be Julia Roberts to enjoy a romantic walk around Notting Hill and Portobello Road. And to do some shopping, of course. But yes, if you could find your Hugh Grant it would be even better!
  • Columbia Road Flower Market:Every Sunday Columbia Road turns into a splash of colour. You can find all kind of flowers and plants here (even pink pineapples that I couldn’t believe really existed, but apparently they do…).  
  • Kew Gardens: 300 acres and more than 30,000 species of plants. Fancy a nice picnic in the City? Then this is the coolest place you will ever find! 
  • Vauxhall – Tamesis Dock: It’s a pub and it’s on a boat. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Tamesis is a converted 1930s Dutch barge that will offer you great food, drinks and the best sights in London, including the Houses of the Parliament and the London Eye.

Hope this helped to make up your mind, and let us know if there are any other places you would like to see on the list. May the spring be with you! 


Photos from LookSeeNow.com and Amorino

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