Smelling Like Christmas: Top 10 Perfumes You Can't Buy

Christmas is in the air and... What does it smell like? I guess this really differs from country to country and from family to family. But one thing it’s for sure: no matter what part of the world you come from, Christmas smells of the emotions and memories! This is why the best perfume you can give to somebody for Christmas can't be bought in a shop. So here it is, a list of the top 10 smells (and sometimes even tastes) of Christmas from all around the world.    

  • Powdered sugar:In Italy, we use it to cover pandoro after pandoro while the day and the Tombola matches go on. The sugar gently covers those sweet buttery vanilla cakes. It is the good taste of the simplest things, sweet and delightful, just like Christmas time.

  • Roasted chestnuts:  The smell of roasted chestnuts brings back memories of city streets."In Spain there are a lot of street stalls selling roasted chestnuts, so you can smell them while you're walking in the street," explains Inma. "It just reminds me of Lisbon, Christmas lights and cold days!" says Matilde. And Angela agrees: "The smell of roasted chestnuts reminds me of Granada, and those cold days when you buy chestnuts because they're hot and delicious!"

  • Pine trees:Everyone knows what we are talking about. This is the smell that accompanies you in the long mornings spent decorating the house and it is probably the one that stays with us longer than any other.

  • Orange and clementine:"I remember my grandmother used to peel the clementine skin and snap it into small pieces to cover the numbers of my card while playing tombola," says Desirée, from Italy.

  • Musk:Musk is largely used in many countries that for Christmas have in their houses nativity scenes, together with the traditional tree. You usually use musk to create the base of the scene, as a replacement for the grass.

  • Cinnamon:An exotic touch of happiness for your holiday time. Good for the atmosphere and the food!

  • Gluehwein: "As young kids weren't allowed in the kitchen until they rang a bell and smelling the wine was just amazing," said Alicia, from London.

  • Wood smoke:It is the smell that best pictures the typical Christmas scene at home during the holidays. The wood fire blazes while outside is cold and snowing.

  • Hot chocolate:Whether you prefer it milk, white or dark, this is a Christmas treat that always satisfies everybody... The drink that suits best all the puddings and sweets you have in your house in this period.

  • Pumpkin:The least favourite smell for many people, but pumpkins are typical of our autumns and winters. It starts with Halloween's decorations and it ends on our table in soups, pies and any other way you like to eat it. 

And what about you? Which smells are on your list? Let us know in a comment!


Pictures from Il pasticcione, BBC Food, Benessere, Restaurant Girl, Chichilicious