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Let’s Meet Exchange Student, Toni Oni

Name: Toni Oni

Major and Year of Study: Psychology and Economics double major, 3rd Year

Country of Origin: Nigerian – American


Toni Oni left the bitter ice cold of New York in order to study abroad at City University for a semester. In the midst of adjusting to a new environment, a new way of schooling and making new friends, Oluwatoniloba Oni, known affectionately as Toni Oni, took time to speak with Her Campus about living in London.


HC: So what are you studying here at City University?

TO: I’m studying psychology here at City University.


HC: Where are you originally from?

TO: I’m originally from Los Angeles, California. I attend Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY.


HC: So why did you want to come to London?

TO: I wanted to come to London because it was one of the top cities in Europe, so much to do, so much just around the city, in London, in England, in the UK in general! I wanted to study in a city, where I could do my work and enjoy the atmosphere I’m in.


HC: So what types of activities are you into, either here (at City) or at Cornell?

TO: At Cornell, I do a lot of sports, and exercising and what not. But here, I’ve done a lot of sightseeing, more outdoorsy things.


HC: And so, do you like that change?

TO: Yea, I definitely do, I didn’t see the change coming, but I definitely love it. London is kind of cold, but it’s still beautiful at the same time. So walking around and seeing new things everyday is pretty cool.


HC: But it’s colder in Ithaca, right?

TO: Oh, yea, Ithaca is negative…I don’t even know degrees. But yea, Ithaca is definitely colder, so London is the better choice for weather. That was also one of the reasons I choose to come to London because I knew it would be a lot warmer than Ithaca during anytime really.


HC: So what types of sports are you into?

TO: I was into a lot of basketball and volleyball more Volleyball though.


HC: What are you trying to do with your psychology major?

TO: I’m also an economics major – I’m a psych-economics double major. But I’m doing psychology at City University. I want to go into health administration, and later health economics. I’m using psychology so that I can be better relating to people and understanding how people work. I’m trying to help people, but from an administrative standpoint. I’m more so into managing health care facilities and making sure they get the care they need, whether or not its mental or physical.


HC: And you’ve had experience doing this in the past?

TO: I had an internship at Huntington (Memorial) Hospital in Pasadena, California. I had to shadow administrators and see how they relate to patients and employees and how they manage the hospital as a whole.

HC: So how do you think this experience – studying at City University –  is for your overall growth?

TO: I feel like going to City University and being in London in general is helping with my independence. I’ve always been an independent person, but there’s something about living in another country that forces you to grow up.


HC: So what are some of the things that you really value?

TO: I definitely value my family, friends, and religion. I value my family the most, but I do value my friends and religion.


HC: Would you encourage other students to study abroad?

TO: Yes! I would. I believe that studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience that helps people grow. Living in another country is a very unique experience, and I think that those who have the chance should take it. 

Elise McGlothian is a Junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She plans to graduate in 2016 with a degree in Broadcast Electronic Journalism. Since starting her collegiate life, Elise has decided to pursue a career a Television and Entertainment Producer so she can spread messages of self-respect, share the hardships and triumphs of others and become a resource to all. 
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