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Ladies Rocking in Ski Boots: Meet Ani & Jane!

The sun is shining in London and, together with some fresh air and cute flowers, our beloved Northampton Square blossoms under the spell of spring break plans and holidays dreams. They say that with spring comes the time to show off your legs: goodbye tights and heavy boots!

But remember, collegiettes, real ladies know how to rock even in ski boots! As a matter of fact. this week’s campus cuties are Ani Cenalla and Jane Kobtseva, members of the Extreme Sports Society. Yes, girls, not one but a pair – cause this week it is all about being brave as only women can.

Name: Ani Cenalla and Jane Kobtseva

Major & Year of Study:Ani: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2nd YearJane: BSc Banking and International Finance, 3rd Year

Country of origin:Ani: AlbaniaJane: Ukraine

Relationship status:Ani: In a relationshipJane: Single

Describe your time in the Extreme Sports Society with one word. Why did you choose this one in particular?Ani: Awesome!!! It’s because it has been so much fun and I have met so many amazing people, had fun skiing and partying in the Alps and going out with everyone for our socials in London. Made some great friends too!Jane: Amazing, because of the amazing people that I went with to all the trips that were organised by Extreme Sports Society.

What was the most dangerous situation you found yourself into?Ani: I am not a fan of heights, so when I first started skiing down the mountains at high altitudes I would get worried every time I looked down and saw how high up I was. You get used to it though!Jane: Last year, I went with my friends to do windsurfing in Crimea (Ukraine). The wind was so powerful that I lost control of the sail and I almost ended up in the open sea.

And the funniest?Ani: There has been lots of funny moments during our recent December trip to France, for example City students dancing on tables and singing… Basically just having fun!Jane: I completely agree with Ani, there have been lots of funny moments.

Three things you always keep with you when playing sport:Ani: Water, sportswear and lots of energy. That’s about it, you don’t want to be carrying too many things when you are playing sports.Jane: Good mood, lots of energy and amazing friends!

Are you more a high heels or heavy ski boots lady?Ani: Ski boots definitely, I do not usually wear heels – barely ever.Jane: It is hard to say. I think I am both.

Spring is on its way with new exciting activities. Any advice to those students who are not as brave as you?Ani: Get out and explore some new activities! Get travelling and have fun! Enjoy the sunny weather in London while it lasts!Jane: Don’t sit on your ass. Move-Move-Move! There is so much to discover!

What’s your personal remedy to relax after an entire day on the snow?Ani: A hot bath and drinks with friends at a bar.Jane: Drinks with friends at a bar.

A song that cheers you up?Ani: Right now it would definitely be ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams!Jane: ACDC, ‘Highway to hell’.

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