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Green Dragons Sponsors 8th Annual PIEL Conference

The 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law (PIEL) Conference entitled ‘Corporations’ Role in the Environmental Crisis: Problem or Solution?’ is to be held at City University’s Cass Business School on the 11th of April with sponsorship from City University and CULSU’s Green Dragons.

Green Dragons Leaders at City University London launched nine student-led projects in a bid to improve sustainability on campus and in the local community. One of the sustainability projects is PIEL: Environmental Justice 4 All. The project aims to run the conference and secure a student-led future for PIEL.

The project received its funding to go ahead after reaching 271 pledges, which made it the leading Green Dragons initiative. Other projects include Hydrovillage – a project which aims to “design hydroponic systems and send them to people in areas of the world affected by soil infertility.” Another is Waste No More with its campaign “Don’t bin it, just reuse it!”

The Green Dragons is a scheme run by the Students’ Union at City and is funded by the National Union of Students (NUS). According to CULSU Vice President for Activities and Development Rima Amin, “Green Dragons has provided an opportunity for students to use their ambition and creativity by allowing them to produce and deliver projects that make a change to City and the environment.”

She said that it is exciting to see City students driving such projects. “The fact that the project was funded by NUS means that a wider group of people nationally are witnessing City’s potential come to life,” she added. 

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Green Dragons encourages both students and staff to identify opportunities and turn their ideas into successful ventures. The scheme also provides students with training and support from environmental and communication experts.

Rima emphasised the importance of the independence that the students have in creating the projects. She said: “This independence gives students who take part confidence and self-belief! Those who do not feel confident initially are supported through workshops. It is exciting that anyone can take part, develop and improve their employability prospect.”

Participants can earn £500 – £5.000 worth of funding pots if they reach their individual target pledges before June. Most of the projects had already reached their target number of pledges and Rima expressed her delight saying: “The project-leaders have great ideas. I’m not surprised that other students are picking up on this and are willing to pledge!”

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