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Going Out Tonight? Here’s What You Should Wear

I’m a weirdo. I have three passports, I gag when I see sour cream, I haven’t worn makeup since my high school prom, I think the Tube is terrifying… My list of eccentricities is seemingly never-ending, and I could go on, but here’s perhaps the weirdest thing about me: I don’t drink alcohol (or smoke). I used to – my high school years are a blur of beer pong and very cheap, illegally purchased vodka – but sometime in 2013 I stopped seeing the point. It’s absolutely horrible for you, and you just feel disgusting the day after! The way I see it, the more calories I save by not drinking, the more curries and pastas I can eat!

I’m really glad I made the decision to stop drinking, but it does make for some awkward and silly situations every time I decide to go out – “OMG but Veronikaaaaa, can you just have ONEEEE DRINK???” slur my friends, thrusting a rum and coke under my nose. It seems silly that people think I’m “weird” and “different” for making what’s really the healthy and obvious choice. I’m simply choosing to remember my Friday and Saturday nights.

And that’s why I go out for the music – the louder, the better! I use going out not as an excuse to get wasted, but rather to have fun with my friends and dance to great music. The best bit is getting to put on a new identity every time. Depending on what type of music I’m going to be listening to, I dress as a completely different character. Here’s what to wear, organized by genre – handy, right?


Who? London kids crammed into warehouses all over the city, dancing ‘til the early hours to catchy and addictive beats. Check out my house playlist!

Where? Ease yourself in to the scene with Lightbox in Vauxhall. Professionals should try a massive all-day event at Tobacco Dock in Shoreditch or kick it at the legendary Fabric in Farringdon.

Wear? Comfort is key here – you’ll be moving (and sweating… Augh) nonstop for up to 12 hours! Try a flattering and hip catsuit with good ol’ Nikes or Dr Marten boots.


Who? Trap may be sooo last year in the US, but on this side of the pond, things are just kicking off. Teens with Tumblrs love this shiz. Check out Mr Carmack, RL Grime, and UZ.

Where? If you want trap, there’s no better place than the oh-so-hip Dalston’s The Nest – their infamous Thursday night party, Your Mum’s House, is especially good. XOYO in Shoreditch has been known to host some sick trap DJs as well, but keep an eye out for Trap93 – their underground parties are great and slightly less full of trend-breathing hipsters.

Wear? You want to look like Brick Lane chewed you up and spat you out. Yeah, that’s right, it’s time to dip dye your hair and get your septum pierced.


Who? Chelsea kids home for the weekend from their fancy Northern universities, catching up with their friends from boarding school over artisan beers. Check out Sticky Fingers, LCD Soundsystem (they broke up! RIP), and Los Campesinos!

Where? Camden. Literally all of Camden. Namely KOKO, though.

Wear? A leather jacket, obviously! And leather pants… And leather boots. Just wear as much leather as you can, and a swipe of red lipstick. Think Allison Mosshart with a touch of Kate Moss.


Who? Bleach blonde babes fresh off the train from Essex and Sussex, looking like sex on legs as they chat excitedly about which celebrity may or may not be at the club tonight.

Where? Mayfair. Always. Check out DSTRKT and Project if you want to spot the Made in Chelsea cast getting rowdy – but make sure you know a promoter, or the queue will be hell.

Wear? Your TOWIE finest – a very tight, very bright bodycon dress with Jeffrey Campbell heels and a smart jacket never fails. Don’t forget to straighten your hair and accessorize with a smoky eye and nude lip!

Where’s your favourite place to go out? And what do you like to wear? Tell me in the comments! –V xxxx

Media Studies & Sociology student at CUL from New York. Cheese, books, and dogs are VERY important to me.
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