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The Beauty of Health: Andrea and the Secret Behind Her Lifestyle

Busy as we all are, there isn’t always enough time to focus on health as we would like to. “I’m not good at cooking” or “I am young and my metabolism is strong” are the excuses we use the most. What you don’t know is that the hardest thing of going healthy is starting to!

This week’s guest will prove you that the journey towards a better lifestyle is not such a nightmare. Let’s hear from Andrea!

Name: Andrea Kmeťová

Major & Year of Study: BA Journalism, 2nd year

Country of origin: Slovakia

Relationship status: Single in relationship!

What is the secret of a healthy lifestyle? Define your priorities! Make a list of all the things you want to implement into your daily regime and circle the ones that are the most important to you. Deciding between eating junk food because you like it, or preparing something healthy because well-being is your long-term priority will be much easier when you’ll see a reason behind that. Be persistent, think about how damnably important is your health to you, balance everything you do in your life.

What is the easiest thing you like to eat when you feel tired? As I said before, eating healthy is on my top priority list (which doesn’t mean I never break the rules of course!), and, believe it or not, it’s possible! My favourite food is grilled salmon with veggie salad. While the salmon is roasting on the pan, I cut my favourite vegetables, mix them with some French mustard dressing and a delicious, super healthy meat is ready in less than 15 minutes.

Tell us a book that inspired you and how. It’s very hard to tell for a book lover like me. Each one of my favourite books have inspired me in a different way. Shakespeare, Orwell, J.K. Rowling, Little Prince, Bukowski… If you ask about healthy lifestyle, I’m currently reading Cameron Diaz’ new (first) book called ‘The Body Book’ and, although I am not even a halfway through, it’s already very interesting. Cameron gives many great advices on how to nourish our body and mind.

Three best romantic songs of all time? Snow Patrol, ‘Chasing Cars’ (simple but very powerful lyrics, and the melody escalates so beautifully… Just like a relationship!); Andy Williams, ‘Maria’ (I’m a bit old school when it comes to music…); Christina Perri, ‘A Thousand Years’ (I remember when I first listened to it on my way home from work… It just took my breath away!)

What is the best colour to wear for blondies? I like myself more in darker colours like black, dark blue, brown. I love bright colours, but only in summer when I get a bit of tan. When I wear something white or bright pink in winter, I sometimes struggle to find myself in the mirror!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time? Like every girl, I am a big dreamer, but I try to balance dreams with reality. I see myself somewhere in a warm country ( I love London but enough is enough), working as a journalist, photographer or film maker, because doing what I love is a tremendously big source of energy for me. However, what matters the most is that I wish to be always surrounded by kind and inspirational people. There are days when we simply can’t go on, and having someone who helps to drag you out of your problems and gets you back on track is what I am thankful for the most. And I try to do the same for the others. We never know, what tomorrow hides!

Visit Andrea’s blog on http://healthisfromheaven.wordpress.com/

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