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Adrenaline and Balance: Lucrezia on Her Trapeze Experience

Admit it, you have dreamt of flying at least once in your life. It’s one of the most childish wishes on heart, yet actually achievable once grown-ups! This week I spoke with Lucrezia, who is practicing trapeze and said it has been one of the best choices in her life.

Between a swing and another, she also finds the time to practice wakeboarding (yes, in London!). How cool is that? Brace yourself, this girl is a very inspirational cutie!

Name: Lucrezia Annalisa Favi

Major & Year of Study: BA Psychology, 2nd year

Country of origin: Italy

Relationship status: Single

Why did you choose trapeze in particular? Circus artists and their amazing tricks on trapezes have always fascinated me, but I have never really had the chance to try this sport before. It seemed so easy and graceful that I looked up for a few schools and I gave it a try.

What is the best and worst feeling you get when floating in the air? That’s a hard question. The best feeling is the one you have once you win one of you fears and you complete a trick for the first time on the trapeze. The worst feeling is instability, and therefore the fear of falling down and failing.

How do you keep yourself focused? The best way to train for me is to switch off my brain and I just try to feel my body. When you are on the trapeze there is no space in your mind for anything else.

I know you practice wakeboarding as well. I am curious, do you do it in London?  Luckily, there is a dock in Greenwich where you can practice diverse water sports, and that’s where I go. Everyone should try it at least once, but my advice is not to do it during wintertime, otherwise you will be freezing!

How do you find the time for that? I love sports and I am a very organised person. I plan my life very carefully in order to be able to do everything. I practice trapeze every Wednesday, whereas I do wakeboarding during the weekend.

Do you find it more difficult than trapeze? Wakeboarding is actually easier then trapeze, maybe because I am a snowboarder too. Both sports require arms and legs strength but trapeze is much more intense and complicated.

Which activity gives more the adrenaline rush? Trapeze definitely. We all have dreamed at least once to fly, and trapeze is something pretty close to that. You need to feel your body and believe in your strength to let go the bar and maybe just hang from one foot and swing.

How would you recharge your batteries at the end of the day? Eating clean helps me a lot to have energy. If I combine that with a good night’s sleep is, I then have all I need to recharge my batteries and start another day.

You see, when I tried yoga for the first time I felt pain in every single muscle of my body. With sports such as trapeze and wakeboarding, I guess you need constant training. How much time does it take?  I can absolutely understand the pain you felt. After my first trapeze lesson I couldn’t put my t-shirt on properly, not to mention all the bruises I had! Both sports don’t become easier with the time, you just get used to the pain. Training your body is really important to achieve your aims in sports. I exercise at least three times a week for about two hours at the gym and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Do you think that’s worth it? Absolutely YES. The feelings of freedom and achievement you can reach pay back all the hard work behind!

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