Your Finals Week as Told by Dogs

Finals are fast approaching, within these next few weeks colleges and high schools across the country will come face to face with the horror that is finals week. From high stakes grade to numerous mental breakdowns in the library corner, finals is a stressful time for everyone. In fact your entire finals week has a very specific break down pattern, let’s begin shall we?

1. The initial optimism you feel when you first start studying for finals. You think you are going to be SO prepared this time and totally know your materials.


2. Actually reviewing in class what will be on the final and realizing you have forgotten almost everything you’ve learned this semester.


3. When you have been studying for a solid thirty minutes and treat yourself to your first “break.”

4. When you realize you have two finals on the same day and you feel part of your soul die a little.

5. Reading and re-reading the same paragraph in your textbook over and over but the information just will not stick.


6. Trying to figure out how the heck you are supposed to write three papers, do four group projects, complete your homework and take care of yourself with only twenty four hours in your day.


7. When you and your friend are in the same class and know you are going to suffer studying together.


8. When you are in the zone studying and someone dares to disturb you.


9. When you are almost at word count for your essay.


10. Your face when your Professor announces there will be no multiple choice on the final.


11. When it’s two a.m. and you keep trying to push yourself through this last section of reading.


12. When you haven’t eaten all day because you’ve been studying and someone offers you a bite of food.


12. When it is finally finals time and you know you are either gonna get a 100 percent or bomb your tests so there is no point in stressing anymore.


13. When you start the exam and realize you actually know some of the answers!


14. When someone asks you how your final went after a particularly bad one.


15. And lastly, when all your finals are FINALLY over and you can go out and celebrate.