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Yes, Frat Boys Are Douches

They wear pastel colored polos, khaki pants, and Sperry boating shoes.  They drink cases on cases of “Natty Light” and scream things like "BRO" every-time one of their "friends that they pay for" is in their presence and does something "great". They wear basketball jerseys to darties, are champions at beer pong, and have crappy taste in music. If you haven't guessed it by now, this is your typical frat boy.

We see them everywhere; college bars, on Twitter jumping off roofs, and puking all over themselves on TFM. They only text you at 2 a.m. with, "U up?" after they've been at the bar all night watching you from a distance, wanting you to come over to "cuddle." They're douches. They only want one thing. They'll never "wife" you up unless you're in a sorority and maybe not even then. They'll never take you to nice places like J. Alexander’s or Benihana. You'll never end up on his Instagram either, so don't get hopeful.

From my own personal experience, this isn't a frat boy – correct term: fraternity man – at all. Sure, they can be jersey-wearing, Natty drinking douches; so can Chad who's an engineering major who's not in a fraternity. If anything, fraternity men are a whole lot nicer than those who are just men. hear me out.

I have a roommate (she's a tragedy in disguise but I love her dearly): Let's call her Reagan. Before we were roommates, Reagan went out with a friend and just drank way too much. She blacked out and doesn't remember anything except being walked home with her friend by two strangers, who were boys. They walked them both back to their dorms and exchanged contact information. She doesn't remember what they looked like or their names. Dangerous, I know, but I told you she was a tragedy. Fast forward a year later, we're roommates hanging out at my favorite fraternity on campus, “Sigma Pi Sigma," and she's telling the story. A friend of mine (who’s also in "Sigma Pi Sigma") mentions that he did the same thing for a girl last year. This is when my roommate pulls out her phone and calls the number which she named, "Rando who walked me home." Turns out, it was him that walked her home. That's it. He walked her home, no moves made, no "cuddling" happening; he just wanted to make sure that this blacked out girl got home safely.

I've had my own run-in with being taken care of by a fraternity man, only I wasn't blacked out drunk and I do remember. Long story short, I was upset, crying, devastated, over a dumb boy that did me wrong (No he wasn't in a fraternity he was an athlete). A fraternity man who I just started to be friends with drove all the way from his house to the bar I was at, picked my sobbing broken-hearted self up off the bar floor, and drove me home. He also waited in the car with me for a few hours as I cried and then made sure I made it in my apartment safely. That's it. No 2 a.m. call, no "can I come inside." He just made sure I got home safely. Should I mention that it was 2 a.m. and he had to be at work at 7 a.m.? He's now my best friend.

Here's another story. I'm at a bar with a few friends. I'm the type of person that is dramatic (shocker) so people love to get a rise out of me. I'm entertaining, I get it, it's annoying but I get it. But a guy pushed too many buttons. I mean he pulled out the really mean words you should never call a girl (sl*t, b*itch and another one I shouldn't say on the internet). A fraternity man (we'll call him Victor), stuck up for me, and basically defended me. The guy, of course, got mad and broke a pitcher of liquor, which ended up spilling all over me. I was soaking wet. So what happens next? Another fraternity man takes a pitcher and dumps it on the guy who broke a pitcher on me. Victor walks me to his apartment where I'm given dry pants and that’s not all, he dries mine! It's late so he tells me to stay at his apartment until it’s safe for me to walk home. That's it. No cuddling, no creepy peeking, no weird moves made. Just a fraternity man doing a nice thing for a girl in distress.

So yeah, if walking a random girl home or driving a crying girl to her home at 2 a.m. when you have to be up at 7 a.m. or defending a girl when she's being objectified by a drunken boy makes you a douche then yeah, frat boys, are the douchiest of all.






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