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Why You Should Watch Doctor Who



If you’re on the search for something new to watch, need a show to occupy the new season or just want something new to obsess over, my first recommendation will ALWAYS be Doctor Who.


I didn’t realize I liked science-fiction until I discovered this show in high school, there are so many reasons to love it!


The best television shows are typically the ones that incorporate multiple genres or invoke multiple emotions, and despite being primarily a science-fiction series, Doctor Who has the ability to go from displaying deep emotional moments to humor to horror-esque images. This is also a show that has been around for more than 50 years and could probably go one forever due to the core concept of the Doctor’s regenerations. The Washington Post writes in this article that the show “originally aired . . . from 1963 to 1989, then [BBC One, the channel on which the show airs] revived it in 2005.”


Every few years, the Doctor regenerates into a new body, which brings out different aspects of the character and creates a fun habit of developing favorites and appreciating all of them [the Doctors]  for different reasons. Along with receiving a new Doctor each season, there are also their companions, who also continue to rotate and offer different personalities and different relationships with the Doctor. Actress Jodie Whittaker made her debut last October as the 13th Doctor, and had the distinction of being the first female Doctor in the show’s history. According to The Washington Post, Whittaker’s first episode “pulled in 8.2 million [views] on BBC One.”


In my opinion, Doctor Who is a mix of science-fiction and fantasy at its best. Along with the magical nature of the show, it’s always giving us scientific reasons for why certain villains end up the way that they are. It also has a developed concept for the workings of time travel and shows many historically significant moments in time.. It is such a good show because it brings you along an adventure that you wish you could actually take part of for at least a moment.


This is my own petition for Netflix to put it back on their site.

Ruth S

Cincinnati '20

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