Why You Should Be Proud of Women's History

In today’s society, I am prouder than ever to be a woman. Women are strong, dominating, and persevering people. We do not stand in the background. We are constantly fighting adversity, and even though it still seems like women get the short end of the stick at life, we are progressing more and more each day.

Women have always been muses for men. Our beauty has been painted since the beginning of time. Some of the most iconic displays of artwork display the beauty of a woman; think “Mona Lisa,” “The Whistler’s Mother,” and “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.” We have been idolized and symbolized for hundreds of years. Women of all sizes have been painted and displayed in the most prestigious places. I am not praising the idea that women are trophies, however, I am praising the fact that our bodies are beautiful and inspire some of the worlds greatest artwork; all shapes, sizes, colors. We are all beautiful and should not allow ourselves to be put down by others because of what we look like. History proves time and time again that we are one of nature’s most beautiful and compelling creatures.  

I am proud of my body and its capabilities. I am able to grow a child if I want. I am able to lift the same weights as men, perform the same sports as men, think just as smart as men, and be able to voice my opinions just like men (all while having breasts that constantly want to bring me down :-).

For years, women have been leaders in male-dominated fields such as science and math. In 400 B.C. a woman named Agnodice was the first female gynecologist. She practiced medicine in Greece at a time where women faced the death penalty for doing so. During the year, 1911, in Japan, Raicho Hiratsuka co-founded her country’s first all-women-run literary journal, Seito. Throughout the journal’s history, she challenged the traditional roles of women and inspired women to “reveal the genius hidden within us.” In 1951, Rosalind Franklin paved the way for discovering the double helix structure of DNA.

These women inspire me to find my potential and embrace it. To be strong and not let undefined rules put me down. I am proud of the history of my gender, and these women who overcame obstacles each and every day to show the world their own potential.

For me, being a woman is much more than wearing pretty dresses and slathering makeup on. For me, being a woman means that I am capable of anything. There are no limitations to my strengths and powers. I can conquer all of life’s biggest problems, along with being a minority to the male counterpart. I will not settle for less. I will not allow anyone to belittle me and judge me for my body. My body is amazing. I can hold a growing, living person inside me while also maintaining a 9 to 5 job. Can men say that? No. It is about time we stand strong and stand for what we believe in, no matter what that is.



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