Why Talking Is Not a Real Relationship Status

Setting: You’re at a bar, say Ladder 19 for instance and you over hear a drunk girl crying about how Justin hooked-up with Stephanie while they were talking and now she feels like she wasted her time because Justin cheated. HON-EY, two things it’s not cheating and you can do better. Much better.

My generation has a habit of creating relationship statuses that aren’t even real relationships, nor or some of them even healthy. For an example “talking”. Talking is a stage in a relationship where two people who have interest in each-other text or Snapchat back and forth constantly to get to know each-other. Maybe they meet up at a party or bar and hang out or hook up but they don’t have the boyfriend/girlfriend title. Guys and girls, ladies and gents this is stupid.

If you are interested in someone, just date them. Ask them on a date over coffee or dinner, heck go to a bar and get to know each-other. Don’t spend your time glued to your phone texting this person about every little thing that goes during your day. You’re wasting your time and you’re doing the dating thing all wrong.

Before my generation created talking and made it a type of relationship status; two people who were both interested in each other would go out and get coffee, or dinner, or see a movie. If they had a good time they would meet up again if they didn’t they would move on. So let’s say these two people are seeing each-other but they’re not serious, meaning they aren’t just dating each other. If they found interest in other people, they would go on dates with those other people while still seeing each-other. And guess what? IT WOULDN’T BE CHEATING. If things were serious, they were monogamous, they only dated each-other. That’s it.

This is how relationships should be. Stacy shouldn’t tie herself down with Justin and waste her time just “talking” with him. She should be going on dates with other guys, Chad, Austin, Mike, maybe she goes on a date with Ashley. Doesn’t matter. The whole point of dating is to find the person who could see yourself settling down with and getting married and starting a family with. Not the person you see yourself ending up in bed with at the end of the night, (though there’s nothing wrong with this if that’s what you prefer, you do you baby-boo).  

Don’t be afraid to date more than one person because it’s not the trend or what everyone else is doing. Do what makes you happy, find the one you want to end up with for the rest of your life. And if they like it enough, they’ll put a ring on it.