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Why Fitness Instagram Accounts Are Amazing

Any fitness junkie will tell you that motivation is probably the first step to changing your life. Whether you want to shed a few pounds or completely change your body, motivation is your key to success. The internet has become a great resource for motivation. Recently social media, mainly Instagram and YouTube, have become a big part of this.


There are thousands of fitness accounts on Instagram ranging from body transformation pictures to easy workout videos. In a very positive way, they show us what a little hard work and determination can do for our health. Here are just a few ways that they help us stay motivated:


1.)  Amazing body transformations

A lot of accounts will post before and after pictures of their followers that have taken advantage of the workouts that are posted. The transformations are phenomenal and the support these women receive in the comments section are inspiring.

2.) Kick-butt workouts

Abs. That is something that is consistent in all of these accounts. And to get their abs, you have to do their workouts. Instagram only allows ten second videos, so the workouts are sped up but it’s very clear what you are supposed to do. The moves are refreshingly different but easy to follow along. 

3.) The captions

The words of encouragement that accompany these accounts are awesome. If you don’t feel like working out after reading the captions, you’re crazy. The messages these accounts are sending are always positive and encouraging change. They could be anything from personal stories to inspiring quotes, but all of them leave you with a motivation you might not have had before. 


I know I already mentioned the “abs” dream, but seriously, these women are amazing. They are beautiful and fit individuals that clearly have their lives together (at least from what we can see). Who knows if they have real jobs or a good personality; all we know is that these women are BEAUTIFUL and in shape and did I mention they have abs? Who doesn’t want abs??


And if all that doesn’t do it for you, here’s Mr. Gosling. He should help a little. 


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Julia Saxton


Julia is a senior at the University of Cincinnati and studies communication, psychology, and sociology. She has a passion for writing and is very excited to be a part of the Her Campus Cincinnati chapter! Other than Her Campus, Julia is also inolved with the UC Career Development Center and works at a YMCA as a swim coach. 
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