What Makes a Woman Beautiful

When I was younger, I used to look at beautiful women in real life or on television and imagine that one day I would look as lovely as them. However, as I grew older, I could only ever find flaws with my looks: my hair was too frizzy, my skin was too tan, my voice too low.

In recent months, I am beginning to realize that true beauty comes from within. And I’m not saying that just to be cliche. It’s true. Beauty comes from a woman’s presence. It comes from her strength and courage as she takes on the battles of daily life. It comes from her dignity and maturity when other people choose to stoop to lower levels. And it comes from her energy and the light she brings into the lives of those around her, as she inspires people to live life as boldly and confidently as she does.

So I’ve compiled a list of traits I think define a truly beautiful woman. There are certainly many more, but these are just a few:


  1. Grace. No matter where she is, a beautiful woman carries herself with grace. She has a presence that makes others look up to her, and want to be near her. She treats others respectfully and never stoops to the level of those who try to bring her down.

  2. Maturity. Now, maturity does not mean the inability to have fun. A beautiful woman understands life and is aware of the struggles that come with day-to-day existence. She embraces them and finds the positive lessons, even during rough times.

  3. Courage. Beautiful women are brave and courageous, and face hard and daunting tasks even when they feel fearful. Beautiful women have the courage to stand up for what’s right, and to seize the opportunities that they know they deserve, whether academically, career-wise, or in romance.

  4. Awareness. A beautiful woman is aware of who she is as a person, and this allows her to be a force of nature in society. When a woman is comfortable in her own skin and loves who she is, she inspires others to do the same (both male and female alike).

  5. Passion. Whatever her passions are, a beautiful woman never tries to hide her passion and fire. She does not dilute herself to make others feel more comfortable. Instead, she wakes others up with her zest for life and drive for success.


For me, realizing that I am beautiful has been life-changing. I have more energy, ambition, and self-love. I’m confident, happy, and motivated for the future.

And other women can reach this level, too. To accept yourself as a beautiful woman is a choice. And one that you can make now, in this moment. So what are you waiting for? Take charge of your life and realize your own unique beauty.





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