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What To Do Over Spring Break When You’re Staying Home

Let’s face it, not being able to go anywhere over spring break blows. Luckily for you, I’ve picked out 8 things you can do over spring break without traveling too far!

1. Watch a new movie or a throwback movie.
I am always down to watch a movie, especially one that takes me back to my childhood. Two movies I have rewatched recently (and highly recommend, of course) are Ella Enchanted (hello, Netflix!), and Ice Princess. Both of these movies will have you gushing over the super cheesy Disney-like romance. FYI: “Lady and the Tramp” was recently re-released from the Disney movie vault. Be sure to pick up a copy! (and some spaghetti *wink wink*)2. Go to the salon. 
Just because you aren’t going on some extravagant vacation does not mean you can’t act like you are and treat yourself to a new hairstyle or polished nails! After all of your hard work at school, you deserve to be pampered, even if it is with your own money.3. Catch up with old friends.
Free time over spring break is the perfect time to catch up with old high school friends, if their spring breaks line up with yours of course. Even if they don’t line up, take a trip to visit them on their campus for a weekend!4. Spend time with family.
Believe it or not, your family probably misses seeing you around, even if you don’t miss being around. Take some time to have a family game night or let them treat you to dinner. I’m sure you have a lot more to share with them than you think!

5. Get creative.
Explore your city, and check out some fun places where you can make your own candle, spin or paint pottery, or take a cooking class. There is no time for fun things like these during the school year, so do them over spring break! 6. Get organized.
Go through all of your assignments and planners and get organized! Believe me, “future you” will thank “past you” for sure.7. Learn something new.
We all have a skill we’ve been wanting to pick up, so why not start during spring break? Try something new, or start practicing a skill that you’ve always wanted to have!8. Read a book.
There are so many book reading lists to explore online, and I know that I have caved and bought a few books that I know I will never have time to read. Spend your free time during spring break reading a new book! P.S. iBooks has their ebook deals on Thursdays!




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