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We Are (STILL) In A Pandemic: Here’s How To Cope

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cincinnati chapter.

With the warm weather and first day of Spring around the corner I have felt an instant boost in my overall mood. There is something about being able to take a walk without a coat or wearing my sandals instead of boots that just makes me feel happy. All winter I have looked forward to the warmer weather because it provides more opportunities to participate in outside COVID-19 safe activities. The sunshine has been great, but I have noticed that warmer weather can create an environment where COVID-19 safety precautions aren’t taken as seriously because everyone is itching to be outside and see their friends. We are still in a pandemic and this fact should be taken as seriously now as it has been in past months.

Just because states are lifting mask mandates, easing restrictions, and vaccines are being distributed it does not mean that we should care less about COVID-19. We just hit the one year mark since the beginning of the pandemic, and not taking the pandemic and social distance guidelines seriously will just prolong the disruptions that have plagued our everyday lives. It is important to enjoy your college experience, but be safe while doing it. It can sometimes feel like there is nothing fun to do during Covid, but there are so many safe and fun activities to do solo or with friends. Make a list of things you can do that you can look back on when you are out of ideas. Here are three things I have done and look forward to doing this spring that don’t involve big get-togethers that could potentially spread the virus.


1. Try a new podcast while taking a daily walk

I always feel better when I get in some form of daily exercise, and taking a walk is a nice way to exercise while leisurely enjoying the outdoors. Recently I have started listening to podcasts on my walks. It feels like there are a million podcasts out there, but once you find one that you enjoy, it can totally change the walking experience. I have a few podcasts that I listen to depending on my mood including Crime Junkie and Gals on The Go. If podcasts aren’t your thing or you don’t want to walk solo then walk with a friend! Make it a weekly planned activity that you can look forward to. 

2. Have a movie marathon with your roommate 

Sometimes we have a week of sunshine and then a day of cold and rain. On those off days where the sun isn’t shining it can be relaxing to just sit in front of the T.V. and watch your favorite movie or tv show. I know that through this pandemic I have found comfort in watching my favorite television series like Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries. Rewatching a T.V. show or movie with a friend is a fun way to spend a night in. There are a plethora of streaming services that offer the Twilight Series, Harry Potter, and the Marvel movies.  

3. Take your indoor creative activity outside 

Whether it be reading, painting, or knitting these activities can all be done outside sitting on a blanket in the quad. Taking the activity you usually do indoors outside will allow you to enjoy the sunshine and get some fresh air. You could even pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic by yourself.

These are just a few things that can be done during covid that are fun and safe. I know it is hard right now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and things will get better. We are all in this together as college students and human beings. Stay positive and stay safe.

Abbie Calvert

Cincinnati '23

Abbie Calvert is a forth year Psychology major with a minor in Fashion Design Studies and certificate in Pre-Art Therapy. She loves art, reading, traveling, and hanging out with her cat Lilae.