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UC Campus Cutie: Tay Murray “The Broadcasting Bombshell”

Name: Tay Murray: The Broadcasting BombshellAge: 20Major: Broadcast JournalismYear of School: 4th year (Senior)Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite song: Hold Each Other lyrics By A Great Big World Ft. Futuristic

Dream Job:  I think my “dream job” will evolve over time but I know that it will always involve TV broadcasting.  I’m completely “in love” with my major.  I was lucky enough to intern for both WLWT NEWS 5 and FOX19 NOW last year and everyday was an adventure.  I met people from every walk of life and covered stories ranging from tragedy to celebration all within the scope of a 10 hour day.  Right now, my current passion is for sports media and I am so grateful to be a campus correspondent for ESPNU.

Hobbies:  Kickboxing, tumbling, modeling, my dog, Cordell

Life Motto: I have two:Do it now.  Sometimes “later” becomes “never”.Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Relationship Status: In a relationship <3

Embarrassing Moment:  The flu was going around campus. Lots of my friends were home in bed where I should have been, but I was determined to make a name for myself as a hard working student.  The hour class seemed to take forever. I began to sweat even though it was winter in a drafty classroom. I felt light headed and nauseous as I stood up and began walking to the front of the classroom to hand in my assignment. But then, I had misjudged my footing and tripped on a desk knocking it over into another desk creating a domino effect. The classroom was silent, well besides the loud crashing and clanking sounds of my body falling over two desks. It felt as if it were happening in slow motion, then finally, I landed suspended in the air lying on top of the second desk with my nose inches away from my professors foot with my butt suspended in the air. I’m certain that professor knows my name to this very day!

 Favorite Fashion Trend:  Ankle boots with short shorts

Describe my style: Current, on top of trends but unique in my own way.  “ I can’t concentrate in flats”!

Favorite thing about UC:  EVERYTHING; the culture: the mix of students, the diversity of the professors, and the variety of different architecture seen in the buildings across campus

Reason I chose UC:  UC actually chose me.  I was finishing my freshman year at Xavier where I was quite happy.  I was looking to find internships within the Cincinnati area.  I met an amazing guy named, Tommy Gelehrter, who offered me a sports media internship my sophomore year if I transferred to UC.   The rest as they say was “Kismet”.

Favorite Beauty Tip: Real is better; work with what God gave you!

Britt Fillmore is a graduate of The Art Institute of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She currently attends the University of Cincinnati working towards her Bachelor’s in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Fashion Design Studies from the school of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning. Britt Fillmore is from Dayton, Ohio, and has lived in Cincinnati for the past five years to pursue her dreams of becoming a wardrobe stylist. She one day hopes to work for a NYC magazine.
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