Top 8 Things to Know About the Bearcat Ticket Office

With crowds of people bustling about, game day can get pretty hectic, but with these tips, you’ll be able to ride the game day wave without a care in the world. These tips and tricks even will help the most spirited Bearcat navigate the athletic waters:

  1. The Athletic Bearcats ticket office is located at the Linder Center, aka the white building with all those triangle windows right next to the stadium. Although sometimes people think we do, we don’t sell tickets to plays or musicals. That’s the CCM Box Office, which is located through the doors on the Left side of the CCM cul-de-sac.
  2. We don’t sell FC Cincinnati Tickets either, but you can get them from FC Cincinnati people on game day an hour and a half before the game starts from the UC ticket office.
  3. Approximately 2,000 free tickets for all students (undergraduate and graduate) are available the Monday before each home game. They can be bought at the windows with no charge, or online for a $2 handling fee.
  4. Once those free tickets run out, overflow tickets are often (but not always) offered, and the availability and price depends on the game. Typically it ranges from $10 to $20.
  5. Student season ticket holders can purchase up to 2 $20 guest tickets for each home game. These can be used for other students, parents, or friends to sit in the student section with you. Non season ticket holders can purchase tickets for their guests within the general public sections.
  6. Those who purchased the $70 season ticket can still pick up their t-shirt if they haven’t yet. Student season tickets are still available for only $70 too, and you can still get a free t-shirt!  
  7. Homecoming is on October 21 against SMU, while the kickoff time hasn’t been determined yet, the theme has been decided! It’s “The Queen City”, and the parade to celebrate will start 4 hours before kickoff.
  8. Don’t forget to download and use the Ruckus app for each athletic event! With points, you can get spirit wear and gear for free!








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