A Response to the Stoneman Douglas Shooting

I have been trying to wrap my brain around the recent events in Parkland, Florida. When I first learned about the events, I was in shock, but the shock didn’t set in until I was sitting by myself in the hall, wondering if my school could be next.

Over the last few days, I have been filled with rage, sadness, and confusion. I feel pain thinking of the innocent lives lost and the unbelievable grief their friends and families must feel. I have been watching CNN constantly trying to understand what happened and hear the stories of survivors. With every interview I see and every crying mother, brother, and friend, it becomes more and more difficult to watch.

I have been trying to understand why this shooting feels different to me. Maybe it is because it happened in a high school, so I feel closer to the students, or maybe it is because the incredible social media presence that has come from this makes it more accessible to me. The fact that students are able to tell their stories and share their frustrations through Twitter is something that we really haven’t seen before this shooting. The students of Stoneman-Douglas are using the power of social media to be the catalyst for change. Students created a Facebook page called #NEVERAGAIN, which is an outcry to lawmakers that something of this magnitude should cease from existence.

The students of Stoneman-Douglas should be commended for their bravery and openness during this difficult time. By speaking out, they are teaching this country invaluable lessons and helping us all to understand what this world needs to become. Our generation needs to make the change and it starts with the students of Stoneman-Douglas. We need a leader. People such as, Cameron Kasky, Emma Gonzalez, and the other incredible students are who we should look to during this time of darkness in our country.

Let’s look to the students of Stoneman-Douglas and stand together to make a change. This should never ever happen again. Children should not be scared to go to school. Parents should not be scared to send their children to school. Never again.





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