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Recap of October as Told by Parks & Rec


  1. It is OCTOBER which means HALLOWEEN. <3 <3 <3
  1. You spend about 20 days thinking about Halloween and costumes but not actually making any effort.
  1. All of a sudden it is the week before Halloween and you have nothing.
  1. You spend hours on Pinterest looking for the *perfect* costume.
  1. You through your closet to see if anything you own could possibly work for a costume.
  1. You debate not even dressing up and just staying in.
  1. You curse yourself for not preparing.
  1. You ask your friends for costume ideas

“I might have something you can borrow!”- your new best friend/favorite person

  1. “I have had my costume planned for weeks.”
  1. You find out people (your former friends) you know are doing a group costume.
  1. You find the perfect costume on Pinterest but have to change it because well money and time.


  1. You finally have the perfect costume two days before Halloween.

13. It is Halloween FINALLY!

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