Putting an End to "Ghosting"

I have recently discovered the power of being straightforward. We are growing up and maturing in a culture that accepts “ghosting." According to Psychology Today, to “ghost” someone is to cut off all communication with them without any explanation. This behavior has seemingly become the norm. With apps like Snapchat and Instagram, it's easy to just stop existing in someone’s life, but that is just digitally. We seldom think about how “ghosting” can affect someone in their real life. It has become too easy to disconnect the real world from what happens on our phones. We think it's  easier to just hide behind a screen, but I am coming to the realization that it is better to just face your fears and not take the easy way out of awkward situations.

Most people “ghost” because it feels better to not have to confront someone that you are no longer interested in. It’s important to evaluate why one might think this is a better option than just telling someone straight out how they feel. Some feel that they are hurting the person less if they just stop talking to them without an explanation, but think about how you feel when you don’t hear from someone for a while. This is something that I try to remember when I’m in the process of deciding how to let someone know that I am no longer interested.

I also decided to ask myself a simple question. Who has power and do they deserve it? When you “ghost” someone, you are essentially giving them the power. You may think that you have the power because you are cutting off communication, but in reality, you are just acting immature. To be powerful is to take charge of your own actions. Sending a text that says that you are no longer interested in things going further is commendable. It might feel super awkward in the moment, but believe me, you will feel 100 times better afterward.

There is a certain feeling that comes with taking charge of your own life and through the simple act of accepting your power and not letting fear take over, you can find yourself in better situations. So next time you’re no longer interested in someone, try observing who you are giving power to in the situation. The days of “ghosting” are in the past. Be straightforward, you will be so glad you gave yourself that power.