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My Take on the Former CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s Controversial Statement

Four score and whatever many years ago, some old men gathered in a hot room for hours on end to establish the train wreck of a country we call the United States of America; the country that was built on freedom to express oneself without being prosecuted for not believing in the beliefs of their government; to accept the opinions of others and still live happily. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is a phrase we’ve all heard once in our life, but lately it seems that it’s something everyone has forgotten.

The press statement given by the CEO of Victoria’s Secret stating, in summary, that they do not want plus-sized models or transgender models modeling their clothing, has caused an uproar from a huge number of people. While yes, this might be upsetting and it will probably hurt to read this, they’re allowed to both say and go through that action of not allowing them. For the country we live in allows freedom of speech and since Victoria’s Secret is a private company, they are allowed to choose who works for them and represents their brand. It doesn’t matter if I personally agree with it or if I even like the statement. That’s their opinion and I have to respect it.

Making Youtube videos or long Facebook statuses about how you’re upset about the statement isn’t going to change their opinion. Sure, maybe down the line it’ll change, but for now, it isn’t. You just have to get over it and move on.

Regardless if you’re a transgender woman or a plus-sized woman or if you’re skinny or identify with the gender you were born with, you shouldn’t seek acceptance from popular clothing brand or really anyone except yourself. We live in a society where people yearn for acceptance too much from the wrong people. If one brand doesn’t accept you for who you are and doesn’t want you representing their brand, I’m more than positive that there’s another similar brand out there that will. Life is too short to dwell on disappointments. Smile and move on. If you accept yourself and you have loved ones that accept you as well, nothing else matters.

Ricole Davis


Born and raised in the wonderful state of Ohio. When I grow up, if I ever do, I want to be a doctor. Fourth year at the University of Cincinnati. In my spare time, I like to collect vinyls, write and play with my favorite boy, my bunny Phoenix. I love everything about the outdoors except for the bugs. Just trying to get through the day without making a complete fool of myself...
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